Dazey Lady Feature: Lavendaire, Famous YouTuber and Published Author

Written By Billy Zablan - February 01 2018


February 04 2018

I love the Lavendaire channel!! I have experienced so much personal growth and inspiration from your channel and my outlook on life has been positively changed by your motivational content.

Judith M.
February 02 2018

Hi Aileen ??
I am so glad that i discovered your channel. It’s exactly now where i needed it the most. I am now in a phase where i am asking myself the same question like you did : What the heck am i doing with my life?
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, tips, your story and believe in following dreams and the will that it is possible to achieve them:)
I wish you good Luck, lots of Inspiration Happiness and Strenght for the Future ??
And i am sure your book will be amazing!


Judith Manappurath ?

Yashini suppayah
February 01 2018

You are amazing Aileen❤ and thank you for this article (kinda interview session) that i get to know my role model more in deep?. I love you Aileen❤ wishing you all the very best for your dreams come true?

Yashini suppayah?❤

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