Dani's Hometown Tour - Lake Arrowhead

Written By Billy Zablan - January 05 2018


January 12 2018

Dani! I love your mission of making Lake Arrowhead hip. My husband and I moved up here from Glendale and feel the exact same way- it’s such a special place with so much potential. I love shop roadtrip, hearth & sage and Higher Grounds… but we need more!! Send help. :) i sell real estate up here and we’re really seeing an influx of Los Angelenos moving up here full time. I’m hoping more and more sweet spots will start popping up in the next few years.

dawnley b.
January 06 2018

Never has a better review of the mountain to-dos been written!

Definitely going to check out Hearth and Sage next time I go see my family.

Thanks for showcasing our pretty mountain.

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