| Dazey Den Launch | Three Independent Women Artists That Will Spruce Up Your Space

September 18, 2018 1 Comment

| Dazey Den Launch | Three Independent Women Artists That Will Spruce Up Your Space

Summer has left us buzzing with inspiration, new projects, and ideas that require some serious work and planning. But after all this fun and movement, how do we find the motivation to be still and buckle down on executing these exciting feats? As you can tell from Biz Babez and the Dazey Desert House, we believe that the more you enjoy the space your in, the more you're able to find focus, energy, motivation, and put your best self forward.   

We want everyone to be able to create this feeling in their homes and workspaces. The feeling that once you walk into your space, you can look around and feel cozy, inspired, and so content with your surroundings. To help you curate your dream space, we are SO THRILLED to finally launch Dazey Den, our newest branch of Dazey LA! Here you will find a growing collection of home goods and decor created by badass independent, female-owned brands. Whether you're working from home, a desk at the office, or at your favorite local coffee shop, we know that a workday is more motivating when you're surrounded by little things that bring you joy. You'll find wonderful handmade pieces at Dazey Den ranging in all shapes, sizes, and price points. We recommend these female owned brands 100% and cannot wait to grow this new cozy corner of Dazey. 


Gettin' Zen with Dazey Den

Bringing zen and new inspiration into your home can be achieved in simpler steps than feng shui and full on room makeovers. Sometimes all you need is a fresh color, texture, or accent in your space to keep you content and cozy. Our very own Dazey lady Megan Massey, owner of The Little Avocado Shop, was the lucky first customer to shop Dazey Den and spruce up her sun filled space. Since a lot of her work is done from home, it's so important to keep the space both inviting and inspirational. Any nook should easily become a work nook and Dazey Den pieces were easy to make that possible.

For us, peak performance starts with peak comfort. We love a bright, cushy workspace to spread out in, listen to music, and get the creative juices flowin'. To add new coziness and warmth, Megan started at the perfect place with our new San Junipero pillow covers. These simple and easy accent pieces bring instant gratification and mini transformation to any home and are made for long lasting wear.

New San Junipero pieces that couldn't be more stoked on are Bekka's, the boss babe behind San Junipero, latest line of hand drawn throws. After creating goods with only vintage textiles for so long, Bekka was inspired to dive in and create fun, handmade artwork for a new line of ethically made textiles. The line isn't out yet, but let me tell you IT IS SO GOOD! Check out her stories to see BTS and the full process! A cozy, bold piece like this adds unexpected spice to any space and is always a fun gift if you're shopping for someone else! Stay tuned for her full release later this week!

Gettin' Fond with Fibers

Macramé can liven up a space and bring the home-iest of vibes all day, any day. It's a thoughtful, handmade medium that requires patience and a long process of meditative knotting, which you can see Megan is a true master at. Her modern macramé pieces elevate the simplest corners of a home and add just the right amount of sophisticated quirk. Long plant hangers, decorative pot sleeves, and quaint coasters are some of the simple delights you can now find at Dazey Den from our girl.

Using texture in interior design can be tricky, but The Little Avocado Shop makes it effortless and chic with these wonderful feather wall hangings. Finding texture in unusual places gives great personal character to a room and contributes pleasant visual weight. We adore these creations and already have reserved space at Biz Babez for a few! 

Our favorite mini enhancement piece from The Little Avocado Shop are the new macrame coasters Megan designed for coffee cups, baby plants, little frames, and anything else you can think of layering. It's an adorable and affordable accent piece that instantly brightens and adds interest to any surface.


Make Simple, Solid Statements 

Emily Snyder is a local Los Angeles artist who creates grounding, colorful canvas artwork that brings meaning and thoughtful attention to any wall. She notes, "The simplicity of making something from nothing just by pulling thread through fabric makes me feel so good and so connected to all the humans who’ve made things with their hands over thousands of years." Pondering on each handmade piece you own, noticing the craft, the particular touch, and the curious heart it took to create is such a BEAUTIFUL thing. We are beyond happy to have her work be a part of the Dazey Den launch. 

These strong pieces can rest easily in room and effortlessly serve as artistic reminders that life is messy and messy is beautiful. Emily wonderfully notes, "Art is my antidote to perfectionism, I’m more than okay with a crooked line or a misplaced brushstroke. My paintings are made by a human." Seeing the human hand in her work gives symbolic life to a room and provides comfort in an unexpected way. Biz Babez already has a few of her pieces hanging and we can't get enough of them. Note: These are very limited, so if you're eyeing one think fast! 

We love the women who are contributing thoughtful pieces to our homes through Dazey Den and cannot wait to grow our listings. If you have an artist / maker suggestion please reach out to us! When you're ready to spruce up you space with Dazey Den, remember that your space can be your sanctuary and where you work can also be where you're inspired. 

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