Amari - Modeling With a Message

May 05, 2017

Amari - Modeling With a Message

When Amari's agency contacted us about doing some test shoots I was immediately drawn to her adorable freckles and amazing hair! As a photographer shooting unique beauties is always a treat.

Amari shared with me her reason to get into modeling was to prove she doesn't have to fit into a mold to make it. I admire her drive and mission so much. I love that our society seems to finally be starting to appreciate all types of women, not just the stereotypical thin blonde models- who are also beautiful, my point being everyone is! This is a subject I broach carefully because I know it's a sensitive one, especially in today's politically charged climate. I have received a few messages saying we need to be better at representing diversity, and I totally agree and want Dazey to be a representation of all of us! I have also had messages about expanding our size range, and we are very excited to announce our next line will include additional sizes!

Dazey wants to be at the forefront of celebrating all women. We want to be very intentional and transparent about this, which is why I'm bringing it up. Clearly Amari is no far reach because she is in every way conventionally gorgeous. This should be the norm, and we're here to normalize it. At Dazey we want to promote and embrace women of all body types and skin color. Moving forward we will strive to be more diverse in our photoshoots so we can accurately represent the beautiful world we live in and the women in it! 

We would love to hear suggestions and feedback on how we can better represent YOU! We are listening, we care, and we love you. 

Xx- Dani Dazey


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