Best LA coffee shops to work from

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Best LA coffee shops to work from

Very excited to have a guest post by Shiloh from A Distant Mentality! She is a forensic psychologist and travel blogger, how cool is that? Shiloh went all around town researching the very best coffee shops in LA to work from. She reached out about doing an article and we came up with this idea! Its perfect because she's a huge coffee lover and Dazey was born from coffee shop hopping :) Check it out below:

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I am a Gemini. Although I think the emerald is beautiful, I consider the coffee bean my birthstone.

My caffeine obsession likely started in undergrad when I took a part-time job as a barista. Coffee fueled me through college and it helped, that as an employee, I was able to take home a free pound of coffee every single week! Shortly after college, I started my career as a first responder and coffee became an essential part of each shift. I mean, how else do you stay alert all night? Now as a busy psychologist, coffee is a beautiful part of my morning ritual, putting me in my happy place of feeling relaxed yet stimulated.

All of these personal moments with coffee usually took place in my home, car, or office but last year when I started my travel blog, A Distant Mentality, I needed that "other" space in which to work.

Lots of us find ourselves here. On those days where hanging out in yoga pants with your cat crawling all over your laptop just won't do. You need to get some serious work done on that almost-due-assignment or put some finishing touches on those creative projects that will hopefully launch you into the Big Time. You need a place that is relaxed, yet laptop friendly and with stimulants at an arms reach. The coffee shop workspace is a first step for many entrepreneurs when they barely have the funds for that second Americano, much less, office space rent.

Here are LA's best speciality coffee shops that promise to fill your motivation needs right alongside your mug.

Verve Coffee Roasters

833 S. Spring St. 

This magic spot has super high ceilings and cleverly designed seating to maximize the floor plan. The impressive entrance is made up of floor to ceiling windows so you get good light and great views of the amazing living green walls that cover the front patio. There are a few common tables areas, one in the middle of the coffeeshop (complete with outlets) and one that wraps around the coffee bar, but then there are cute little nooks that make small meetings feel intimate. The staff is great and I had the best dirty chai of my life here.  

Wifi: Yes

Outlets: Many

What to get: Dirty Chai 

Alchemist Coffee Project

698 S. Vermont Ave.

This ideal workspace is tucked into an unassuming strip mall at Vermont and 7th. It is lively with people working and chatting, but with soft music and moody tones. If you want to hunker down and get a little lost in your work, this is a good space to find a cozy corner while sipping coffee and eating a colorful macaron.   

Wifi: Yes

Outlets: Lots!

What to get: Spanish Latte


Bru Coffee Bar

1866 N. Vermont Ave. 

Bru Coffee Bar looks tiny from the street in the bustling heart of Los Feliz, but opens up into a great place to work. All kinds of folks can be found pounding on their keyboards at the large community table and there are several two-person tables, plus a spacious loft that would be more ideal for a quick business meeting. If sunshine is what you crave, there is a small front patio which is perfect for people-watching. The baristas are super friendly and the musical playlist is easy on the ears for working.  

Wifi: Yes

Outlets: Many

What to get: Meyer Lemon danish, matcha latte

Dinosaur Coffee

3443 W. Sunset Blvd. 

I love Dinosaur Coffee for its overhead natural light. It makes the shop feel huge and they certainly know how to make the best use of the space. The coffee bar is situated in the middle of the room with bar seating all around, as well as at the front windows. You can get fresh made sandwiches or a variety of majorly delicious pastries. Dinosaur is defiantly the trendiest of all the shops on this list, but it does make for a good workspace. Lots of parking in the back is a plus. 

Wifi: No, but I got on the McDonald's wifi with no problem

Outlets: Some

What to get: Drip coffee in a signature "Fuck It" mug 

Civil Coffee

5629 N. Figueroa St. 

Civil Coffee is another nice airy space with great natural light (and equally marvelous light fixtures for asthetics). It is simple and sleek, with just enough charm to make it a comfy place to work diligently. They have used the space nicely, by dedicating the area along the large front windows to bar-height desk space that faces Figueroa Street. The music is soft and the rest of the space is filled with large tables and a couch in the back.  On weekends, you may find young families noshing on some comfort food such as cinnamon toast or PB+J. Plenty of creative and savory toasts are also constructed here and they offer a special menu of caffeinated drinks named after local landmarks and streets.    

Wifi: No

Outlets: Some

What to get: The Figueroa


Copa Vida

70 S. Raymond Ave. 

Copa Vida is a lively little spot in the heart of Old Town Pasadena that makes for a good workspace or meeting place.  The large main room can be a bit bustling, but it has nice lighting and offers some communal spaces and individual tables. A back room is more quiet and dark and you will often find laptop warriors hard at work. In my opinion, the baristas here are top notch; I usually go with a cappuccino and whatever the daily kombucha offering is. They also have an avocado toast that is made with the freshest crusty bread and weighs as much as your arm. 


Outlets: Some

What to get: Cappuccino, daily kombucha, baked eggs


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Great! I always need a good thick avo toast. Yummmmmm.


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Very interesting and helpful bit of information. A nice place to get away, get some work done and quench the thirst for good coffee; is away great to know about.

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