Biz Babez Tour & Grand Opening

January 03, 2018

Biz Babez Tour & Grand Opening

Take the Tour - Grand Opening Party & Story Behind the Space

The grand tour post of Biz Babez has been a long time coming! For those who don't know Biz Babez is the second business I co-founded and launched in October. It's an all-female co-working & creative space in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. In December we had our official grand opening party complete with food, drinks, member pop-up shop, and member speaking panel. The turn out was incredible and everyone had an amazing time. 

Dazey's mission is female empowerment, specifically in the female entrepreneur space, so naturally I work with and collaborate with fellow female business owners on a regular basis. I noticed many of them talked about the same issue, feeling isolated when working from home. I would go from coffee shop to coffee shop just trying to get out and feel inspired. Then I spent some time working from WeWork, a large co-working space, but struggled to find creative female entrepreneurs I could connect with. It was also hard to take photos and create content as the decor was very "office feeling." I knew I couldn't be alone in wanting a space filled with inspiration, collaboration, and community. 

I posted on Instagram about the idea of a shared office to see if there was any interest. One of my freelance clients, Taryn of Vegetaryn, instantly messaged me saying she was looking for the same thing and may have a lead on a space. We met up and explored the space she had in mind. It didn't end up panning out but we could tell we were both excited about the idea and I loved the thought of not doing it alone. With someone going in on it 50/50 we we're really able to take a bigger risk on the right spot. 

As we explored commercial properties the little idea I had of a small shared office began to grow into a co-working space. After a long hunt we settled on the perfect spot. It was large, well lit, and in a walkable area. When we first went to look at the location it was filled with fluorescent lights and bulky outdated office furniture, but we saw what it was and imagined what was possible. The day we got our keys it was a beautiful blank slate and we were so excited! 

Taryn and I chose to fund Biz Babez fully from our personal savings as opposed to looking for investment, so we we're on a tight budget. We wanted a beautiful and Instagram-friendly space so we had to get creative! We reached out to our favorite furniture and decor companies and offered a collaboration. Many of them have stock sitting around their warehouses waiting to be bought, and we figured why not display the goods while getting free content and promotion at the same time!? Almost everyone we reached out to was game! We got to handpick gorgeous vintage rugs, furniture, and more. I am a sucker for mid century modern meets 70s bohemian and really went for it when designing the space. Interior design is hands down what I would have picked as a career aside from fashion so it was amazing to get a taste of it. Within a few weeks it seemed we had the place done and open for business! 

Members have been slowing joining and our community is just beginning! We have been connecting with some of our favorite publications and hosting amazing events including the Boss Ladies Mag work sesh happening all this month! We even got featured on my favorite design blog, The Jungalow. This has been an exciting big step as an entrepreneur and I can't wait to see how it grows. Below I have a tour along with photos from our opening event!

For more information on the space and to apply for membership you can fill out an application HERE!





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