Boutique Round Up: Where to get Dazey IRL!

June 29, 2018 3 Comments

Boutique Round Up: Where to get Dazey IRL!

Shop Dazey in person at any of these amazing retailers

We get questions all the time asking where you can get Dazey IRL so we decided to do a boutique round up to let you ladies know where to head for your Dazey needs!

Dazey doesn’t have it’s own storefront but we are so proud and excited to be carried by many amazing female owned boutiques all across the US and even beyond. We reached out to the owners awhile back about being featured on the blog and they were so excited to spread the word about their stores! There’s nothing like walking into a beautifully curated boutique to get the inspiration flowing. We really hope you take the time to see our gorgeous goods in person and support these amazing women! Below we have the stories behind the shops, locations, information, and awesome photos they gave us. 
Please give a call before you head over to check stock as Dazey rarely lasts long ;)

If you’re a boutique who’s interested in carrying our goods email and we will set you up! 

Shop the Canyon

Our flagship store is in the heart of Hollywood at the foot of legendary Beachwood Canyon. Inspired by Los Angeles’ 70’s Canyon counter culture and music community, we celebrate natural forms, native cultures and the fusion of folk music and rock n’ roll with our mix of Urban Hippie, Bohemian, Southwestern and ethnic styles and a cool, casual California contemporary look. Our vibe is expressed with women's and men's contemporary apparel with coordinated vintage for casual wear, work and evening, with accessories to match and related lifestyle and home products. Most of our products are made in the USA and all are offered in a relaxed, friendly shopping environment.

Instagram: @shopthecanyon
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Moorea Seal

In 2013, cousins Moorea Seal, our namesake, CEO and Creative Director, and Reed Wasser, our CFO and Business Development Director, decided to make their life long dream of starting a business together a reality. Within two weeks, they knew they needed one more person to complete the leadership trifecta that would launch our company which brought our COO Jenette Donovan, to our team. With Moorea's previous experience as a social media influencer, jewelry production and design, and involvement in the handmade community on Etsy combined with Jenette's experience in operation management and online retail, and Reed's experience in traditional marketing and business strategy, and our common desire to support non-profits and create positive change in the world that our company was formed. Not soon after, core members to our operations team, Tram and Jessie joined to build our company from the ground up. In the years since, our original group of three, then five has grown to many more, but the core five still remain, five years later. 

In 2014, due to outgrowing our first little studio, our swift growing online community, and in desire to connect more deeply to those within the city we live in, we decided to start our first storefront. The first Moorea Seal shop opened in May of 2014 and within six months, we had to expand our offices and storefront again to meet the engagement level of our online and in store customers! We fell in love you YOU as you fell for us too.

By early 2017, we came to realize again that the little space in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle had become to small for our growing company. So we took on the exciting adventure of building out a storefront and offices from scratch in the historic 125 year old Standard building in the heart of downtown Seattle. And that is exactly where you will find us today, at the official flagship Moorea Seal store at 1012 1st Ave, Seattle WA 98104.

Instagram: @mooreaseal
Location: Seattle, WA

Girl Tribe Co.

Girl Tribe Co. began in November 2014 as a women positive graphic tee shirt company in Charlotte, NC by high school friends Carrie Barker + Sarah Baucom. Carrie is a graphic designer and Sarah has extensive experience in retail + merchandising - and the team loved the "project they created so much" and knew they were onto something. The brand organically grew through 2015 and they added Girl Tribe Pop UP, a one day experience featuring 60+ women owned businesses to great success. The brand kept growing and now the team has a girl powered storefront in Charlotte, NC and they sell over 50+ women-owned products!

Instagram: @girltribeco
Location: Charlotee, NC


Rare Bird

Rare Bird is a boutique, gallery & studio in Oakland, California. We feature independent artists, brands, and makers from California & the U.S. Founded in 2010 by maker & arts educator, Erica Skone-Rees, Rare Bird's focus is on celebrating creativity and cultivating community.  Rare Bird is carefully curated with handcrafted finds for him, her, home and baby. We offer d.i.y workshops in our Makers' Studio, lead team building workshops and host monthly art shows. 

Instagram: @rarebirdoakland

Location: Oakland, CA

Sapphires and Sagebrush Mercantile

Our story started in Stephenville, Texas only a few short years ago. My personal pastime was personalized home decor and repainting furniture for myself and close friends, mainly just for fun and my love of western art. I started making things like benches and our signature pallet wood cacti wall hangings from reclaimed and recycled pallets along with other scrapped materials. This was what first made a name for us. This was just the beginning.
As more and more folks came calling, mom said I needed to grab the bull by the horns and do something about it. We now include everything from clothing, accessories, vintage treasures, home goods & even dabble in everything from upholstery to jewelry making. From all this came the mantra: don't ever curb creativity, if you have and idea, go for it; thus the Sapphires and Sagebrush Mercantile was born. Where did the name come from? "Sapphires" is because both my mother and I were born in September and naturally sapphires are our birthstones. "Sagebrush" to honor all things raw, wild and rugged.

In no time "S&S" became a business that moved across Texas. First down to Fredericksburg for a bit and then here recently we have found ourselves headquartered in the northern border town of Nocona where we plan on setting some roots! Currently our "storefront" operates completely online, giving us the freedom to take our traveling booth all over Texas to our favorite trade shows. Now the goal is to one day open our own brick & mortar storefront and increase our network. But we certainly would not be where we are today without the love and support of all of our friends and family. The best part is, it's all just getting started. 

Instagram: @sapphires_and_sagebrush

Salt + Sirena

Hi Dazey Ladies! I'm Jessica, owner and founder of Salt + Sirena - an online and pop-up boutique in northern San Diego, CA. I started my little shop three years ago with the mission to empower women through fashion, and am so proud to carry (and wear!) Dazey LA in my shop! 

When I was 17, I was awarded a much-needed, full academic scholarship to an amazing university, and that scholarship changed my life. I am so grateful that because of this shop and my amazing customers, I am now able to give back by donating a percentage of all sales to organizations that provide scholarships to female, first-generation college students. I'm truly lucky to be able to mix my passion for supporting women with my love for fashion, and appreciate any support you throw my way! Follow us for information on our local pop ups in Escondido, CA!

Instagram: @saltandsirena


Dishrags & Dustruffles

D & D opened its doors last December in a historical building in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, but had been an idea planted long ago in my head (Renee), I just hadn’t put together how to make it happen and what specifically it would look like. It finally came to a “do or die” moment and here I am today with a growing vision that is piece by piece coming to fruition, thanks to incredible brands such as Dazey. Early on I made a decision that I wanted the main emphasis to be on American made goods where quality + talent marry and the result is fantastically cool. It is amazing discovering and finding so many talented makers and shakers out there doing incredible things and getting to be a part of that, while introducing customers to products/items that they may not frequently see. D&D strives to have something for everyone but there are definitely always goods that will entail one or more of the following; humor, edginess, bad-assness and pure style without compromising integrity.

Instagram: @dishragsdustruffles
Location: Fort Collins, CO


Katie Mccarthy started her fashion career at Nordstrom that lasted 11 years. Katie wanted to take her chances on owning her own business. She didn’t know what that looked like ... except wanting to combine travel and fashion... Stop Shop and Roll was born in 2013. 
Stop Shop and Roll was a traveling fashion truck that cruised the streets of San Francisco and San Diego. It was a fashion boutique on wheels specializing in supporting local vendors and on trend fashion. Katie wanted to expand again in 2015 to a brick in mortar store. Stroll was born. SSR was sold in 2016. 

Stroll is located in little Italy, San Diego CA. Stroll still specializes in supporting local vendors, boho fashion and a locals favorite gift shop. Stroll supports 10-5 local handmade vendors ...making your shopping experience always unique. Stroll expanded again last year and Stroll Home was created. Stroll Jome is our home store attached to our boutique Stroll. It’s vintage, brand new, handmade and a green thumb persons dream! We hope you all can take a Stroll.

Instagram: @sdstroll
Location: San Diego, CA

Malibu Fox

Coming from Florida, you might find the name Malibu Fox a bit strange. However, the name was inspired by my love of the bohemian & coastal California lifestyle. The two were brought together when I created my first clothing collection under the name Malibu Fox. In the summer of 2014, I opened Malibu Fox Boutique in Sarasota, FL comprised of clothing, shoes & accessories with a majority of the lines hailing from California & Australia. I find that it is important to take the time in researching new brands, especially ones that stand for something greater, a lot like Dazey LA.  

We first introduced Dazey LA to the shop in July of 2017, and it has been flying off the shelves ever since. I love supporting a brand that is not only made & created within the US, but also finds a way to empower women while shedding a positive light on today’s important issues.

I have been blessed to have one store, but I never like to settle. I am always thinking beyond the present. With that concept in mind, I plan on opening a second location in the Tampa, FL area. 

Instagram: @malibufox

Location: Sarasota, Fl


Chris + Mary

We are a husband and wife duo striving to keep the art of handmade/small batch alive - a literal mom-and-pop shop in Santa Monica. We support and represent artisans, makers and designers near and far, sharing their stories and missions with our customers. We live four blocks from our shop and believe in supporting other local, small businesses and working together for the collective good of our community and world.

Instagram: @chrisandamary
Location: Santa Monica, CA 

Favor The Kind

Favor The Kind is a home, gift, and apparel boutique based in Dallas, Texas with additional locations in Houston, Austin, and Crested Butte, Colorado. We strive to spread the joy of the kind life by carrying homemade, sustainably produced apparel, gifts, and home items made by people and companies our customers can feel good about supporting.

Instagram: @favorthekind
Locations: Houston, Austin, and Crested Butte

Wallflower Store

Wallflower Store offers a selection of clothing and lifestyle products with
an emphasis on slow fashion and living.

Owner run by locals Tikita and Sam, Wallflower Store aims to support
independent labels and makers from around the world creating an
eclectic mix of vintage clothing, handmade ceramics and jewellery as
well as many more independently sourced treasures.

Instagram: @wallflowerau
Location: Fremantle, Western Australia


Mondo Bazaar

I’m Amber. The one woman show behind Mondo Bazaar. I’m a Mum of two gorgeous kids Jacob 2 and Vivienne 4. Over the last 12 months I’ve pushed hard working from home and caring for my kids at the same time to create a job for myself that will allow us to spend more time together as a family! I also swore on my daughters day of birth that I would go for my goals and show her she can do anything her heart desires.
Before kids I spent my twenties working for independent record stores as a buyer, specializing in merch and apparel. I studied photography for three years at around age 30, and have continued to improve my craft shooting photo’s for local families and businesses. With the rapid success of Mondo Bazaar I am currently signing a lease on my first workspace away from home.

Mondo Bazaar is a collection curated with passion and determination . And I am ever so grateful to all my customers and community for supporting my venture. I’m proud of the brand that I am building which encompasses a theme of equality and empowerment as well as ethically, and hand made “slow fashion” and female  entrepreneurs which  I feel very passionate about. Thank you to everyone for joining me on this journey, including my awesome brands! So happy to be working with and supporting other hard working and creative women in business!”

Instagram: @mondobazaar
Location: Australia


Bird Bee

Bird Bee began in 2015 by 25 year old owner and visionary, Taylor Bolleber. The boutique was created to offer a unique shopping experience for women who weren’t necessarily into “fashion", but wanted to explore their style and wear cool things that made them just…. feel good. After being exclusively online for about a year and a half, Taylor took Bird Bee to a brick and mortar location in the heart of downtown Detroit. Bird Bee is now one of the only women’s boutiques in the entire city and brings life to Griswold Street, which just two years back was not a place people even wanted to walk by foot. The shop is filled with accessories, shoes, apparel & lifestyle goods for the expressive and edgy soul. 

Instragram: @bird_bee_
Location: Detroit, MI

Alé Katz Mobile Boutique

Alé Katz is your boutique destination for beautiful clothing, accessories, beauty, and home items. We offer a hand-selected assortment of ethically made and sustainably conscious products. We believe in supporting the artists and talent in communities and bringing these special items to our customers. 
My dream, for as long as I can remember, has been to own my own boutique. That dream was put on hold for a few years while I built my career in Visual Merchandising. But the desire to own my own business began to scream at me to the point that I could no longer ignore it. Right after a milestone birthday I decided it was time to follow my passion. Brick and mortar storefronts are extremely costly and a traditional retail store was not something I could financially pursue. Instead of letting that stop me I began to brainstorm and search for other options. Then in 2016 it hit me… Buy a bus, turn it into a retail store, create a following, and buy amazing products, all while following my dream, supporting small business owners, and keeping overhead costs low. I am so immensely happy, excited, and thankful to finally own my own small business!
Instagram: @alekatzshop
Location: Oakland, CA



Dash~B is a boutique that believes in personal style. At our boutique we allow people to buy timeless bohemian styled pieces that they will have for a lifetime. We also believe in empowering small businesses and companies that give back and make a difference. We know the world is better when we put our hands together and love those around us.Being two hippies and mother and daughter duo we turned our styling passion that we operated out of our loft into a dream business! We opened our store front with the goal of having good quality items for an amazing price to allow women from all walks of life to feel empowered. So come join our Hippie tribe and hangout in our beach shack! Ps always dream big, love big and remember to love your quirky self because you are an original and that's dangerously priceless.

Instagram: @dashbboutique
Location: Durant, OK


American Alchemy

Aje Rank relocated to the rural town from Maui with her four children in 2015 and instantly fell in love with the small towns charm and the tight knit community. With the encouragement and help of friends and family, American Alchemy’s doors opened in 2016. “I have always wanted to open a boutique,” Aje notes. “A place where people want to hang out, are excited to find unique products, and leave inspired.”  The shops name, American Alchemy, holds deep meaning for Aje. Striving to achieve the “American Dream” while trusting in the magical process of transformation, the name was born.
With the name being the shops driving force, almost every accessory in the shop is handmade by a local or USA artisan, including her own hand made jewelry line, Punkalicious. She also keeps the majority of clothing lines in the shop USA made, small batch and made to order.  You will also find numerous events hosted by the shop throughout the year. “There’s something that fuels the spirit when you get together with other women and create in a positive environment. I love seeing artists share their crafts and women meeting for the first time enjoying the creative process together.” The shop partners with other local businesses throughout the Midwest to host pop up shops and aims to create support for other boss babes. “Working with other small businesses and getting our shop and the local artists we carry more exposure is a win win for everyone.” Aje and the shop thrive on the idea of community over competition. Building each other up is the only option. Everyone grows. Everyone wins.

Instagram: @theamericanalchemy
Location: Ripon, WI

Divas and Devils

Divas and Devils HOUSE of STYLE is a true specialty boutique. Beginning 21 years ago as a love story fueled by fashion and music, this boutique holds two decades of cherished memories and carries an air of immense value and rich history. Stevie Nicks’ vocals and Eagle’s guitar riffs float over you as you shop whispering tales of the past mixed with a vision of the future. The soul of this place lies within the heart of its creator Michelle Torregrosa. Her mission is to deliver an experience which provides a source of inspiration that is personable and memorable. She has an inexhaustible obsession for vintage clothing. She travels the US scouring for these authentic one-of-a-kind treasures from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Old graphic and concert tee’s, embroidered kimonos, vintage boots and wooden platform heels, fur, fringe, denim and perfectly worn in leathers are always on her radar. Each piece in her boutique has been carefully hand selected. She has curated a collection where about 60% of the boutique is dedicated to new design talent. Some well known larger brands like Free People, Blank NYC and Citizens of Humanity, some LA based brands like Dazey LA, Miracle Eye and Bandit Brand, then mix in handmade pieces from across the globe. 

The brand Michelle has created has an underlying feeling of love and acceptance. It’s for every woman.... the wallflowers and free spirits to the elegantly classic... from the romantics to the ones who like a little edge.... and the bohemians of the world. This is one of the reason I love Dazey LA so much. 

Instagram: @divasanddevils
Location: Tallahassee, FL


Fleetwood Collection

I'm Dan, a 44 year old mumma of two small children, running my own boutique in the Dandenong Ranges, one hour from the Melbourne CBD, Australia. A beautiful lush part of the world in the forest, we are an eclectic mix of creatives - musos, artists, crafters and open community minded peeps. Somehow I manage to juggle a busy business, feed two children and still keep my house clean! Fleetwood Collection was founded from my love of thrift shopping, market scouring, and treasure hunting! I have always loved finding that one-off statement piece that no one else would be rocking! An opportunity came for me to open up my own retail space, and although i had a chinese medicine background (so completely different!) I jumped on the chance to get creative and mould my own space for my own hills folk to love. And of course my devotion for everything Fleetwood Mac meant there was only ever one name the shop could have! Fleetwood Collection has been adorning hills people now for nearly 13 years, and the business has grown and evolved so much along the way. We focus on bohemian treasures - whether that be grade A hand curated vintage, eclectic tribal silver jewellery, eco friendly homewares, and of course our rad range of Dazey tees with meanings - which complement our pieces so well...... all things with that 60s/70s Woodstock vibe is what we are about! Our focus is on ethical fashion, eco-friendly shopping and EVERY choice I make on stock going into the store must meet this personal important criteria. I hand pick and choose every single piece in the store, keeping it eclectic and ever evolving. I absolutely love what i do and i love being a woman running my own business.

Instagram: @fleetwood_collection

Location: Belgrave, Vic, Australia


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June 29, 2018

Are you planning on spreading out to New England in the near future? I love trying on clothes and I would love to see your product in person!

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