Chicago Daze

August 03, 2017

Chicago Daze

This past weekend I flew out to Chicago for @officiallyquigley’s wedding. My boyfriend @phillipbutler and I decided we may as well make a mini vacation out of the trip! We love exploring new cities and I had never been. My dad lived in Chicago years ago when he first moved to America and always had great things to say about it. Other than him I really hadn’t heard a whole lot about the city, so I feel like I was able to go there with a clean slate and no preconceived expectations. Let’s just say it did NOT disappoint! Everything was incredible, from the gorgeous architecture, to the vast blue lake, and the adorable brick filled and tree lined neighborhoods like Wicker Park. This is one under rated city! I really fell in love with Chicago. If it wasn’t for the wild winters (so I’ve heard) I would move there in a heartbeat! 

We were only in town for about three days so we were scrambling to get everything in! Wicker Park and Logan Square were adorable and the ultra hip parts of the city, so we spent a lot of time eating, drinking, and shopping in that area. We love to ask the locals where to go so we can see the city from their perspective. We always play the “what if we lived here” game in all of the places we visit :) Phillip and I normally shy away from the touristy stuff but actually had an amazing time seeing the landmarks and just being in awe of Chicago. Seeing everything from the Sky Deck was so cool, the buildings and lake just went on forever. The city planning, overall organization, and cleanliness of the streets was unlike any city I’ve seen before. It seemed like every building, bridge, and art installation was so thought out and made with intention. I highly recommend visiting if you haven’t, I’ll certainly be back soon! 

Below are some of the photos we took around town at some of the magical places we found. We also have some snaps of the gorgeous blogger wedding! Of course I was wearing Dazey Everyday (aside from the wedding night lol) so there is some fun outfit inspiration there too!

Spots to check out as shown in photos:

Doves in Wicker Park - Amazing dinner, 70’s style diner 

The Violet Hour in Wicker Park - Tastiest Cocktails, cool cozy chairs

Lula cafe in Logan Square - Brunch, sit outside by the planters and enjoy a mimosa

Estero in Logan Square - Coolest Cuban inspired bar, great for day drinks

Passion House Coffee Shop in Logan Square - Good lattes and plant wall for insta pics

Giordano’s - Classic Chicago deep dish Pizza

Millennial Park - Ultimate tourist spot, but gotta get that Bean pic

Goddess and the Baker by Millennial Park - Quick and yummy lunch, cool chairs for photos

Lucy’s in the Chicago Athletic Club Hotel - Drinks and an amazing view

Fairgrounds in the Chicago Athletic Club Hotel - Cute coffee shop for a pick me up 

Chicago Sky Deck - Lines for days only made worth it by views for days and the ultimate city-top Instagram

The River Walk - So gorgeous you will think you’re in Europe 

Navy Pier - Grab a beer and walk the pier, the lake seems like and endless ocean

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