Unite Women Globally - Dazey X Known Supply

June 22, 2018

Unite Women Globally - Dazey X Known Supply


Celebrating and Empowering Women Globally

After months of planning and sharing snippets of behind the scenes our collaboration with Known Supply is here! This is our very first collaboration with a Dazey Dude, Kohl, but he is a man who wholeheartedly believes in empowering women and shining a light on what they are doing. In fact it's the whole mission behind his brand, sharing the stories and faces of the women who make your clothing. They operate their own facilities in Peru, Africa, and India. These are places where garment workers are often paid pennies and forced to work in terrible conditions. Known Supply provides them with great wages, good working conditions, and actually empowers them as the artisans and makers they are.

Each shirt has a patch inside with the signature of the woman who made it. It adds such a personal touch and humanizes an industry that all too often tries to hide the people behind it. @danidazey and @kohlgreyson are also so excited to share the entire journey of their collaboration in documentary called @newbreedmovie. It's all about young entrepreneurs running their companies with social good in mind. We all got together at Biz Babez awhile back and began planning. We wanted a design that celebrated the hands that would touch and wear the tee, all over the world, and  Kohl came up with the amazing verbiage "She is We." It reminds us that even if we are worlds away, we are are human, all equal, and all connected. I drew this design by hand and documented the whole process on our story that you can see HERE. I wanted it to represent women from all over the world and center around the idea of unity. The design in a single line drawing, meaning everything is connected and made by a single line. It was also done in the shape of a globe. These two details really bring home the idea of connection and togetherness. I also love that this design was hand drawn in LA by a woman and the shirt was hand sewn in Peru, like a collaboration directly with the maker! We wanted to take the Unite Women Globally concept one step further and found a wonderful female screen printer, Deluxe, to fuse the art with fabric. The shirt I'm wearing as I type this is made and signed by Frida, designed by Dani, and printed by Elsie. 

10% of Proceeds to be Donated to Women's Refugee Commission

Originally Kohl and I talked about donating a portion of the proceeds to a charity but decided against it since there was already so much to explain about the design and our collaboration,  we didn't want to water down the message or confuse anyone. But given our current state of affairs in America with families being separated at our borders it felt wrong not to donate. This design represents equality and unity across borders and backgrounds. We believe everyone is equal and everyone deserves a chance to live a good life. Sadly in so many places this is not the case and people, women and children in particular, need our help. We've decided from now until our event on July 1st to donate 10% of the proceeds to the Women's Refugee Commission, an organization dedicated to improving the lives and giving a voice to  displaced women and children. Right now they are actively doing all they can at the Mexican border to provide relief to the mothers and children who desperately need it. 

Shirts are in super limited supply so grab yours now! We also hope you can join us at our big collaboration event, which also doubles as the Dazey two year anniversary party! All the details are below and we are so excited to meet and connect with the people who support our brands.




The Shoot

Below is a photoshoot I did with gorgeous model Kelsey! We shot the new tees along with some other new Dazey items in beautiful Chinatown LA. I loved the juxtaposition of cultures in the shoot. It is really celebrating all cultures and backgrounds with color, life, and compassion!  



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