Creating Community and Conversation IRL | NYC Ambassador Meet Up

September 26, 2018

Creating Community and Conversation IRL | NYC Ambassador Meet Up

Creating community and conversation IRL is a daily goal for Dazey. We want Dazey phrases, the ambassador program, and all our content to EMPOWER you to be brave, believe in your strengths, find community, make a difference, and share your passions and truths. We are all about creating a safe space for EVERYONE to be a part of online and IRL. Ambassador & Dazey Lady meet ups are all about creating these opportunities for YOU and having fun while doing it. 

The Dazey team finally made it to New York this month to celebrate fashion, explore the beautiful city, and indulge in inspiration from every which way. We saw, we ate, we danced, and we left filled with big goals and visions for Dazey. One of our absolutely FAVORITE moments though, was meeting our gorgeous east coast ambassadors. This group of gals brought the best energy that day, despite the funky weather, and we spent an hour ditching the hustle, forming instant friendships, pouring out excitement and silliness with open hearts. 

Here are the moments of community and conversation IRL. Lots of love to the gals who came out and our ambassadors from all over! You all truly are THE BEST damn community I've ever been a part of. 

xox Dani


Washington Square Park |  September 12, 2018 | NYC Ambassador Meet Up ♥

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