Dress your Dazey with Dani - Coachella edition

April 24, 2017 1 Comment

Dress your Dazey with Dani - Coachella edition

 Coachella is a music festival, but the fashion has become almost just as important! People dress to the nines showing off some of the most wild outfits imaginable. Eye sparkles and cliche flower crowns are the norm. There's a ton of satire videos poking fun at it online, but it's honestly amazing and set's a standard for fashion all summer long. People watching is my favorite way to get design inspiration!

I recently started a silly challenge for myself I like to call the "Dazey Everyday Challenge". So of course I had to carry it into Coachella! I love pushing the boundaries on how people can style their graphic tees. They can so easily be dressed up and made into a complete and killer look! I often wear Dazey on top of dresses, under overalls, or paired with turtlenecks. For Coachella, the heat can be a challenge on the layering front, but I wouldn't let that stop me! I chose to use statement accessories like hats, fun shoes, jewelry, and of course my favorite- the sparkles! I just wish I could wear them everyday :) Hope this gives you a little bit of inspo on how to style your tee to a T! 

Look One

Look Two

Look Three

Look Four

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Daisy Edwins
Daisy Edwins

May 06, 2017

Love this post!! Look 4 is probably my fave although they’re all amazing. ✌?♥

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