Dazey Desert House - Dani's First Home Tour!

April 17, 2018 3 Comments

Dazey Desert House - Dani's First Home Tour!

Formally introducing our first home, the @dazey_desert_house!

Buying a house has been one of my biggest goals ever since I can remember. After years of searching, making offers, and getting outbid in LA we were pretty burnt out. It wasn’t until we were in Palm Springs for our lookbook and @modernism_week that we ever considered getting something outside of the city. We were so inspired by all the amazing modernist homes and architecture. What a fun idea to have a place to escape and then Airbnb when we weren’t there. On our drive back to LA we jumped on Zillow really quick to see what was up. We spotted this amazing house and FELL IN LOVE. It was built in 1959 by famous architect William Krisel. He was known for being one of the fathers of modernism and a huge influence in Palm Springs Design. Complete with an orange door, butterfly roof, and mountain backdrop, it couldn’t be more my style! After experiencing so much heartbreak in the competitive LA market we didn’t know what to expect in a different location. We automatically assumed you had to make an offer way above asking, the norm in LA, and our relator just laughed at us! We put in a good offer and when it was accepted it didn’t even feel real, we were over the moon! Then as we were planning everything the offer fell through due to a low appraisal. I couldn’t give up on this house so we decided to get creative and take a risk. We started the process all over again and switched lenders hoping for a higher appraisal, and somehow it worked! This is just a fraction of the drama and difficulties that have come with buying a house. It’s seriously an emotional rollercoaster. But nothing beats getting those keys and starting your new journey!

To add to our unique challenges we decided to get the house ready in one week, just in time to do a Coachella pop up event. It took some serious prep an organization but we pulled it off! We partnered with some of my favorite interiors brands! As many of you may know I’m in love with interior design and got me first shot at it with @bizbabez. Having a whole new blank canvas to design from scratch again was a dream come true! I knew I wanted to stay true to the era and go all out on the mid century modernism theme while celebrating the colors of Palm Springs. I couldn’t think of better brand than @joybird, they customize MCM furniture and you get to choose the fabrics and accents you want. I still added that touch of bohemian with the incredible textile pillows by @shopsanjunipero, but kept them in a warmer tone to match the house. The colors of the @modernretrogratestl artwork worked perfectly to tie in the different colors we used throughout the living and bed rooms. And of course we couldn’t forgot our epic desert dreamland of a yard! @bendgoods furniture couldn’t be more perfect for withstanding the harsh elements in style.

The house will be available for both airbnb and photoshoots! To inquire email hey@dazeyla.com! Follow all the fun on @dazey_desert_house.

Furniture: @joybird
Wire furniture and art: @bendgoods
Pillows: @shopsanjunipero
Art: @modernretrogratestl 
Cactus: @ponderosacactus
Metal accessories & side tables: @newmadela









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Natalie McGonigal
Natalie McGonigal

May 28, 2018

What a dream! You’ve done a stellar job on this home and what a gorgeous location! 😍 Keep inspiring with your creative and amazing self :)

Vera Black
Vera Black

April 20, 2018

Wow! What a dream come true.. your house is beautifully styled and what an accomplishment getting it done in that time frame.. incredible, well done!


April 17, 2018

This is so beautifully done. You’re inspirational! Love keeping up with your creative process! 💛✨

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