Dress your Dazey with Dani - Arts District

July 03, 2017

Dress your Dazey with Dani - Arts District

As many of you know I (@danidazey) have been challenged myself to wear #dazeyeveryday

It’s been well over 3 months and I am proud to say I have not broken said challenge! I love having to get creative and find fun ways to dress my Dazey. It has inspired all sorts of unique looks I would have never thought of otherwise!

The other day my boyfriend, on his own volition, decided to start a men’s lifestyle blog under his name @phillipbutler (give him a follow hehe). I was SO excited about this because after years of him begrudgingly helping me take photos for Dazey and my personal insta, I no longer have to feel bad! He’s a self proclaimed “Instagram husband who’s decided to turn the camera on himself”. Phillip plans to approach the “man blog” in a semi tongue-and-cheek manor, the sarcastic little bugger! But he does have great taste in clothes, tunes, interiors, food, drinks, and is dashingly handsome if I do say to myself ;) 

That being said, I now have a willing photographer to help me do outfit photoshoots! I’m normally behind the camera, but have been wanting to share some of my #dazeyeveryday looks. We headed to one of our favorite LA areas the Arts District for our first shoot. Lots of cool walls and rustic textures, perfect for his man blog haha. I plan on having a little bi-monthly post on some of my new favorite Dazey outfits! 


These looks are paired with some of my favorite bags by @marloe_handmade that we carry on our website HERE. We will be releasing a collaborative design with them soon and am SO excited! 



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