Dani Dazey NYC Takeover & Tour

September 21, 2018

Dani Dazey NYC Takeover & Tour

 Dazey Getawayz in New York City

I went to NYC once for a weekend with my family when I was a teenager. So basically I had never REALLY been to New York. I always heard people talk about its magical effect on you and didn't believe them. Now I get it. I don't know if it was the novelty of it all, change of weather, the good food, or just having a great time with my friend Champagne, but it really was wonderful. Champagne and I both left feeling inspired and refreshed as people and as business owners. 

We originally planned this trip awhile back because we wanted to be in the city for New York Fashion Week. Ever since I was a young fashion student I wanted to go to see what the fuss was all about. We did make it into a few shows and events which was fun...but when we got there we realized we really just wanted to do our own thing and explore this special city! We had both been feeling like we were in a creative rut and this was exactly what we needed to jumpstart our creatives juices. We walked around the entire week finding new places and taking photos as we went. The captions on my Insta posts below should give you a hint as to how I was feeling by the end of the trip! We were ready to pack our bags and be bicoastal babes ;) 

Below are some Dazey looks we snapped around the city along with some of the best places we went. I broke them up by area so if you're traveling in NYC it will be easier to navigate my recommendations all in one spot. Leave a comment at the bottom if you enjoy these Dazey Getawayz posts and want more!



Maman - Caffeinate - SoHo

We were regulars here by the end of the trip, no joke! It was the very first stop on our first day and we kept coming back. The coffee and pastries were so great it was hard not to. Our favorite part had to be the ambiance. It really felt like we were in a magical little french cafe. The window seating was great for people watching and the seating in the back felt like a little escape, perfect to get some work done. 


Warm - Shop - SoHo

This little shop was like finding a slice of California in the concrete jungle. It was filled with so many colorful and cozy clothes and objects, displayed one after the other almost like it it was a vintage store. Curated beautifully with 70's inspired goodies I found a ton of design inspiration here.


Eat - Egg Shop - SoHo

I love eggs. As soon as I head recommendations for this spot I WAS THERE! It did not disappoint. Champagne and I almost ordered a second dish because we loved the first so much haha. The wait did take awhile but there was plenty of cute shops nearby to distract us. Order the deconstructed Benedict! 



Pietro Nolita - DON'T EAT, Snap photo - SoHo area

After seeing many-an-Instagram at this spot I knew I wanted to strike a pose in front of the pink facade. I had a few warnings that the food was just ok but I decided to try it anyways. Fairly bland, overpriced, and only accepted American Express - WHAT!? So I'd skip the food portion and just take your photo. But beware they only allow iPhone photos and get pretty grouchy otherwise, at least that was my experience lol. Here's the photos we were able to get!



Eat - Dez - SoHo

We had been window shopping all day in SoHo and all of the sudden realized it was three o'clock and we hadn't eaten! I hopped onto Yelp and found this cute spot. A walk-up-and-order joint with good prices and really good food. It had a super hip moroccan desert vibe and they serve middle eastern food. A great spot to grab a quick bite if you're in the area!


Shop - Goods for the Study - SoHo

Directly across the street from Dez was an artists paradise, a store filled to the brim with different pens and markers. They also have a giant pad of paper in the middle for you to test! Next door they have a paper version of the same store dedicated solely to stationary. We had a lot of fun looking around!


Shop - Artists & Fleas - SoHo

I was familiar with the name because Artists and Fleas hosts pop up shops in both Venice and the Arts District in LA. In New York they have a handful of permanent locations filled with mini shops of small artists and designers. We were only able to stop by the SoHo location and it was super cute, and I hear the other locations were even better. That's where Champagne and I snagged our adorable Min & Mon bag pictured above. 


Eat - Butchers Daughter - SoHo area

This was for sure one of the most recommended places of the trip. I think the name is quite clever for a mostly vegan/vegetarian spot! I had been to their Venice location in LA and the interior was to die for. The original NYC location was a bit smaller and slightly more simple but I think the food was actually better! My turmeric latte was amazing too, and that's not normally something I order.



Shop & Caffeinate - Canal Street Market - Canal Street

Another collective of cute small companies, complete with a coffee shop and food options! This place felt really eclectic and artsy, less corporate than some of the other similar spaces. Definitely stop in here for a coffee & shop sesh! 


Eat - Nickel and Dine - Chinatown/SoHo area

A solid spot with cute interior and good grub! American style food, be sure to order the garlic fries. They have a nice patio as well as large indoor area with full bar.


Drink - Apotheke - Chinatown

Hidden away in a Chinatown alley this place can be tricky to find, with the sign reading just "Chemist" outside, we almost missed it! As you enter you get some serious speakeasy vibes. Underground, live music, dimly lit, and an extensive, fancy cocktail list. We had some amazing drinks filled with all sorts of unexpected ingredients! Well worth the pretty penny we paid. Maybe don't spend your whole night and savings account here, but worth one or two drinks for sure. 


To do - Central Park - The tourist trap not to miss

Most of our trip we spent avoiding tourist traps but we did spend a day doing the rounds. The one that really stood out was Central Park. It was massive and felt almost enchanted. With the place being so spread out it never felt overwhelming or crowded. Moss grew on century old statues, horses trotted on cobblestone roads,  people rowed boats through the lake, and giant rocks and overgrown bridges were everywhere. Grab a latte and take a walk!




Treat - Van Leewens - ALL over

With one of their few LA locations being blocks from my apartment I know their cream all too well. The honey comb flavor is hands down my favorite of all time (sorry Jennis and Cool Haus). I knew it was New York based but I had no idea they had so many adorable and different locations! This one by Central Park had my favorite interior.    


BROOKLYN BABY - A city of it's own

We dedicated two whole days of our trip to exploring Brooklyn, and it was NOT enough! It's truly a city of its own split into so many districts. We ended up spending most of our time in Williamsburg and found some really cute spots. 

Eat - Cafe Colette - Williamsburg

Quaint as can be with great food to match. Vintage diner vibes with a modern twist. Indoor, outdoor, and hybrid seating available! What does that mean!? They have one room that totally feel like an indoor/outdoor greenhouse - really epic. Great spot for a little brunch and there wasn't a wait when we went on Sunday, which people say is rare for an NYC brunch spot! 

Shop - Beacons - Williamsburg

A few people mentioned this spot but I had NO IDEA what I was in for. It is heaven on earth for you second hand lovers, both contemporary and vintage. It's like Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange had a way cooler and larger baby, if that makes sense haha. It was so overwhelming we could hardly contain ourselves! They had anything you would want in every color and price range. I imagine a lot of NY gals working in the fashion industry sell here because it was filled with designer pieces that looked and seemed brand new. And the prices were amazing, I got a $600 Anna Sui dress for $50! Everyone says the Brooklyn location is the best too, so don't miss it.


Caffinate, drink, eat - Sauvage - Brooklyn


I can really only attest to the coffee as that's all we did here, but I can imagine the food is wonderful! We were trying to escape the rain and stumbled upon this gorgeous spot. The interior was truly beautiful. We sat by the bar window looking out at the rainy intersection with our coffees. It felt like we were in Paris in the 1920s! One of those places that transports you.


Shop - Burson & Reynolds - Brooklyn

Right by Sauvage we found the most adorable store, Burson & Reynolds. We ended up getting almost all of our souvenirs here! They had an eclectic choice of paper goods, fun finds, and decor pieces. We chatted with the owner awhile and she's all about supporting artists, especially ones local to NY or Brooklyn. Whenever I travel I try to support local businesses in the area so I was happy to give them all my money haha. I loved all the art and the whole vibe of this shop!


Shop - Bulletin - Williamsburg

A really cool store concept, since it's hard to own your own store in NYC they rent shelf space specifically to small feminist brands. Before you say, "Dazey should be in there!" don't worry, they contacted me awhile back. It didn't make much sense with our made to order business model, but I do love the idea! It was really cool to have heard about it before and then see in person. A lot of sassy fun stuff that will make you LOL and make the patriarchy roll in it's grave. 

Shop - Mociun Home - Williamsburg

It's no secret I love interior decorating and this place took my breath away. Hand picked and hand made pottery with a gradient backsplash?! Count me in. Lately I've been dreaming of having quirky matching kitchen wear. Maybe one day, but for now I can come in here and daydream.


Caffinate & work - Devocion - Brooklyn

My friend Rae told me this was her favorite coffee shop and I could instantly see why. They not only take the art of coffee seriously, but give you a stunning environment to enjoy it in. We ended up spending a few hours in here getting work done at their cozy booths complete with a plant wall backdrop. The croissants you see below are passionfruit and brie and blew my mind. 


Shop - Love Only - Williamsburg

Some awesome brands, styles, and a friendly staff. The girl working literally wrote down a laundry list of places we had to visit and gave us the full scoop on living in NY. A little more funky than your average New York store, and again more California vibes haha (sensing a theme here). The area is great for shopping but this store certainly stood out! 


Shop - Concrete & Water - Williamsburg

Really beautiful store with a back patio area. Men & women's clothing, some high end brands but not the boring kind. Really loved the vibe and branding in here! Felt very inspired by the pretty winter wear. Plus an adorable shop dog always helps.


Caffinate - Toby's Estate - Williamsburg

Another coffee rec from Rae, she really killed it. We had about two lattes a day out there, not only to stay away but to try all of the places! This one was large yet cozy. Good drinks and I imagine a great spot to get some work done too. They had a bunch of back rooms exposed where they actually make the coffee beans and experiment so that's always cool to see! 



Eat - Sweetwater - Williamsburg

Saving one of our favorite spots for last. Another quick Yelp find that far exceeded our expectations. When we walked in it felt like we were entering a different era. You could tell that whether it was Sweetwater or another restaurant, it has been there a long time. The floor tiling, wallpaper, and bar just felt so vintage and truly authentic. All the vibes. It even prompted us to do an impromptu photoshoot as we were waiting for our food! With the rain falling outside we decided to get onion soup and burrata. Oh my gosh I had no idea soup and burrata could have that much FLAVOR and look that beautiful. Don't miss this spot!



Back to LA in style - Alaska Air - JFK lounge

I had never flown anywhere but in the very back of the cheapest plane and waited in the crowded public areas of the airport. WOAH, to see how the fancy folks fly was a game changer! The Alaska Air lounge in JFK Airport was insane. Gorgeously designed interior, free food, and FREE LATTE BAR! All my favorite things. We got to the airport a bit early and had a chance to relax and work from the lounge and it really felt like we we're hanging in some luxe coffee shop. Then on the plane we had enough room in front of us to work on our laptops without having to do T-rex hands. It really helped me feel like I accomplished stuff on my flight.


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