Dazey Lady - Ashley of dacing with flying colors

November 30, 2016

Dazey Lady - Ashley of dacing with flying colors

 Dazey LA is all about connecting with like-minded creative babes pursuing their dreams. I like to call them Dazey Ladies ;) They are the wind in my sails and true inspiration and behind Dazey. I've been lucky enough to meet more than a few on my journey and decided I wanted to start highlighting them on this blog!

They are everyday girls from all walks of life, just like you and me. I admire them because they have chosen to share their creativity to the world at some capacity, that's what makes them a Dazey Lady. 

This is Ashley of @dancingwithflyingcolors! She is a blogger and dabbles in many forms of media including video. I've asked her a few Q's and taken some photos below so we can get to know her better!  

1) Dani: First off what do you do!? Would love to talk about what you do for a living and what you passion is.
Do these two things collide?

Ashley: I'm a fashion/ lifestyle influencer aka blogger but I like to think I bring more of a lifestyle to my viewers and people really get an idea of not only what I wear, but where I love to go and what I love to do. I do a lot of freelance jobs which is supper stressful but keeps me on my toes. I used to work a lot in fashion/restaurants but had to quit the full time job to do what I love. I also majored in Film / Media studies in college so I started a youtube channel that gives me the ultimate creative outlet to keep inspiring myself and others. 

2) Dani: What inspires you, get’s you excited!?

Ashley: I'm inspired by loads of things. By fellow girl bosses who make their dreams happen, by other bloggers who are just killing it! By nature, by conversations of strangers on the street. Store displays, I really just get inspired by the little things.
In a world where I sometimes feel like everyone is doing the same thing and it gets supper rough to keep thinking of new ways to get inspired, I try to block that out and stay positive. I just feel like my main goal is to inspire others so I try to think of new ways of doing that.

3) Dani: Where would you want to be in 5 years from now personally and professionally?

Ashley: I've always hated these long term questions haha. I don't even know where I'll be next week and thats the beauty of freelance and not having a set schedule. I know where I want to be next year and all of the goals I want to achieve. So in 5 years I hope I'm traveling more, inspiring more and making awesome videos. I feel like so much has change and will change and I love change so i'm excited about the future! Also started writing a novel so fingers crossed that will be out and published in 5 years. Haha.


4) Dani: What does being a Dazey Lady mean to you?

Ashley: Honestly I'm stoked. Dazey ladies to me are the kick ass girls who don't wait around for their dreams to come knocking on the door. They are the ones who make things happen for themselves and or others. They are the ones who don't let people tell them how "lucky" they are. They tell them it wasn't luck it's because they don't sleep and work every damn second of the day because they LOVE what they do. Thats at least what a Dazey Lady means to me!

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