Dazey Lady Contest Winners

April 04, 2017

Dazey Lady Contest Winners

Dazey has become a platform for women of all walks to share their journeys. Dazey ladies are everyday girls choosing to be brave and share their thoughts and ideas with the world. These girls are the fire and heart behind this brand and I'm so happy to share it with them!

A few months back we had our big #dazeyladycontest! To enter girls posted on Instagram sharing what they were doing to follow their dreams. It was amazing and beyond inspiring to see what everyone had to say. Our big winner was Juliet of Julz Junkie Jewelry. You can see her full Dazey Lady feature HERE.

There were so many beautiful and vulnerable entries I couldn't pick just one. I ended up choosing 10 runner ups and I'm so excited to feature them below! Their photos are shown along with their entry and/or piece of advice they wanted to give to their fellow Dazey Ladies.

If you are ready to get super emotional and want to see everyone's entries you can check out the hashtag HERE!

Xx- Dani Dazey


Rebecca Eichten
@rebecca eichten

"My advice is: take the leap to follow your dreams and passions! It will be scary, but that's when you know it's worth it. Allow the space between where you are and where you want to be INSPIRE you and not scare you! Don't be afraid to ask questions and learn from the people around you--share your skills and collaborate."

Her Entry:

"A little over a year ago I started my journey of ​turning art into to a full time job.

To say that I did everything right and made no mistakes would be a big fat lie - I had no idea how my dream would take shape, but I knew what I wanted to do, and that was make art. I quit my job, and hit the ground running. I said YES to every job that came my way - sign painting, graphic design, woodwork, florals, painting, calligraphy, installations, murals, photography--anything, you name it! I make mistakes and am learning every damn day.

More than anything though, the best part thus far has been meeting and working with so many creative, passionate, and supportive people.
My biggest piece of advice? Surround yourself with positive people, and don't be afraid to ask questions!! Collaborate with the people around you, be supportive, learn from each other.

I am so proud to be a part of a community of women & men who are following their dreams, inspiring and supporting each other along the way!"


Samantha Saverin

"Live a life of uncharted adventures, you never know what the universe has in store for you. Embrace the highest frequency of yourself each and everyday, and find courage within yourself to lose sight of the shore."

Her Entry: 

"Feeling inspired by @dazey_la and the #dazeyladycontest to share a little bit about myself: I live by the mantra "live life uncharted," this is because when taking risks in life it is impossible to know how they will end up, but without them we can never embrace our highest frequency of ourselves. Recently I moved from Missouri to Los Angeles to follow my dream of becoming a Marine Biologist and Filmmaker. Ive always had an innate attraction to the ocean and all the surprises hidden beneath its waves, making my dream feel like a natural path. In the course of recent events I've realized how important this passion is not only to myself, but to the people and planet we all live on. I've realized I can make a difference and be a role model for girls aspiring to be women in science or those who may doubt they can change the world. I want to be a first responder in documenting the beauty and demise of our oceans. It is so crucial to protect our environment and if I've learned anything from many of my role models, it is that documentation initiates action. No matter how big or small your dream may be, it is important to take the risk and follow it. #dazeyla #dazeylady #empoweredwomen"




"When you start your own business, become the best resource you can possibly be. If you don't know how to do something, LEARN IT; and if you need help, COLLABORATE. Above all, create what you love and never loose sight of what fuels your passion. It's that passion that will help you overcome even the toughest of times."

Her Entry:

"@dolkii was a blog i launched while living in brooklyn in 2014 which turned into an online shop a year later and has since blossomed into my passion project and outlet of creatively to escape from the many pain points that come from working my 9-5. my sister, business partner, and sometimes biggest thorn in my hip @yasmindar (🤣😘❤) and i didn't know what to expect when we launched the store. we launched carrying brands we loved and soon realized that the pieces dolkii girls gravitated towards weren't always available at the showrooms. when i would go on buying trips i found myself buying to fill minimum order guidelines rather than to fill the needs of our girls. for a little bit, i felt our brand identity was starting to get lost in the random pieces we bought and for a few months it not only reflected in our sales, it reflected in the content we created and started affecting yas' and my relationship. we were always frustrated with each other and for a solid 2 weeks i remember thinking 'this is it. i tried the whole start your own business thing and it's not really working so i quit'. SO THAT WAS YEAR ONE 😳. thankfully, my biggest flaw is my biggest strength, in that im insanely stubborn. quitting, although it felt super easy, felt 100% wrong. so we went back to the drawing board. in the midst of this happening i decided to move back to LA and yasmin had her second baby, zoya. i spent weeks searching for new brands to carry, doodling ideas for a new creative direction, repinning boards of inspiration, studying the IG accounts of our dolkii girls to get a better sense of their lifestyle, and studying our best selling styles from year one. i started realizing that no brand out there is gonna fully satisfy what we want dolkii to represent, and by early 2016 it became clear .. we needed to launch our own collection 💪. so with an opportunity to host the june 2016 honolulu night + market fashion show and DTLA right in my backyard, we got to work. lemme just say that NO AMOUNT of fashion school or experience as a buyer will ever prepare you for creating your own line 😂 it took us 6 months to design and develop what became our summer collection of simple dresses, rompers and graphics tank tops. it was in these months of r&d that i stumbled upon a rad IG account by the name of @graphicteegirl and discovered dani's work as a freelance graphic designer and mega boss of 🌼@dazey_la🌼. for those of you who don't know, dani is the creative genius behind our best selling 'ALOHA VIBES' graphic (coming back in stock next month!).. but she's become so much more than that. she's a mega inspiration to our brand and (thru her IG stories) has taught me how to develop dolkii's voice and teach myself skills needed to accomplish anything from graphic design to photography and post editing. since following her journey, and the journey of other girlboss owned small businesses, ive learned to turn myself into the best resource i can be for dolkii. if i don't know how to do something, I LEARN IT; and if i need help, I COLLABORATE. so since revamping dolkii and launching our own label, we've basically sold out of almost everything lol 😅🤘because we create what we LOVE. and now we're teaching ourselves new skills like how to keep up with demand and work with proper production calendars! we're continuing to find our brand's voice and thru the content we create will always proudly represent our home state of hawaii, the aloha spirit, and girl power attitude as muslim-american daughters of hard working immigrant parents. 🌴🌺 MAHALO @dazey_la for all your guidance and positive spirit.. i might be breaking the rules with this one, but this #dazeyladycontest submission comes with two girlboss sisters for one 😉👯💖✨ #dazeyladies"



Tori Hinshaw



"My passion is music history, and I'm not going to compromise that for other people's vision for my life. Music History sparks excitement in me like nothing else. I want to know who Muddy Waters was and how this Mississippi Delta native connects to a scrappy Englishman named Mick Jagger. Even though I'm only 19, I want to show people that no matter your age, you can do anything you set your mind to. I stand for the women who were told they couldn't do something or be who they wanted. I see you and I support you. Follow your dreams. Be your authentic self."
Her Entry:
"I was told to be a doctor. I was told to be an engineer. I was told to do all the things that were sure to make me money, but sure to make me unhappy. One day in high school, something just clicked. I knew immediately. My passion is history, and I’m not going to compromise that for other people’s vision for my life. Currently I am pursuing a double major in American Studies and Music. Music History sparks excitement in me like nothing else. I want to know who Muddy Waters was and how this Mississippi delta native connects to a scrappy englishman named Mick Jagger. I want to work to preserve the history of music so other people can enjoy it. Though I'm still in undergrad, I want to do all that I can to push me in the direction of success as a historian. Last spring, I was one of the first students to give tours at the seemingly lost to history site of the Highlander Folk School. I couldn’t imagine how a site that trained strong women in the Civil Rights movement such a Rosa Parks, Septima Clark, and Zilphia Horton could be virtually ignored by those living around it. I couldn’t imagine how a site that developed music like We Shall Overcome could ever be forgotten about. That’s why, this semester I am event coordinating An Evening At Highlander: a night of music, food, dancing, and awareness of the past. I formatted it as a historic re-enactment set in the 1940’s so maybe people will be able to see it as it was and connect to it in a way they otherwise couldn’t . Bringing together multiple departments across campus and several groups across the state of Tennessee is not proving to be easy, but I’m so happy to have the support of some amazing people. Even though I'm only 19, I want to show people that no matter your age, you can do anything you set your mind to. I stand for the women who were told they couldn’t do something or told they shouldn’t be this or that. I see you and I will support you. Follow Your Dreams. Be Your Authentic Self. #dazeyladycontest"
 Marisa Foley

"The number one thing I hear when people come into the shop is 'This is so inspiring! I WISH I could quit my job and do something' and I always tell them 'Go out and do it!' Don’t be afraid to feel the fear and do it anyway!"

Her Entry:

"Exactly 1 year ago today, I did a thing and bought an Airstream. In light of today and the #dazeyladycontest, I want to share my story! Nearly 2 years ago, I bought the domain www.thewandershop.com. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be, but I knew I needed to get out of my corporate cubicle. After a couple months of brainstorming, I pulled the trigger, I quit my job and concentrated all of my efforts into creating a dream. Inspired by my love to travel, I knew The Wander Shop was destined for life on the road. After a few months of pop-up's in a tent, I found the perfect home for the shop, in a 1963 Airstream Overlander. She was run-down and worn-out, but she had character and most importantly, she was mine, a classic Americana. It took 63 long hardworking days, but thanks to family and friends we removed 53 years of dirt and brought her back to her prime. We opened the doors in April of 2016. The mothership is stationed at our homebase at Eucalyptus Gardens in Wilton Manors, a beautiful diverse community. We’ve also welcomed a new ship to the fleet, Vagabond, our wandering Airstream. I’m inspired by everyone who walks in and all of the makers and shakers. Listening to your stories gives me a purpose to inspire more. The Wander Shop has become more than just a boutique. It's an experience, a journey and a place to discover passion. I like to work with local artists because I believe in pursuing passion and supporting small!

I recently discovered @dazey_la and fell in love with her work and what she stands for. I knew The Wander Shop would be a great home for her designs. She spreads positive vibes and inspiration. She has inspired me to be more outspoken to spread the message that as women, we need to stand together and support each other! We need to love more and do more.
And most importantly, we need to keep each other going, we got this ladies!!!"


Lisa Prang



Her Entry:

"Entering the #dazeyladycontest ⭐ Within the last few years I've really found my niche and haven't looked back since. I'm 21 years old and live in the heart of Michigan. I started fashion blogging three years ago and have never thought it would reach as many people as it has. I may not have 100k followers, but to me the 11k I do have, is so beyond amazing. My goal moving forward for my blog is to reach even more ladies in the future. Whether it's for fashion, positivity, confidence, or motivation. Along with blogging, I finished my bachelors of fine arts in graphic design degree in three years instead of four. I skipped out on many summer breaks so I could complete my degree and focus on my dreams. So now that I've been graduated for less than a year, I pursue graphic design both as a freelancer and contractor. --- Not only do I do graphic design, but I've been doing some marketing work on the side for an awesome shoe brand based in California! Even photography is a love of mine! I do freelance photography as well because capturing the littlest and biggest moments life has to offer is my favorite keepsake! • I've meet so many people along my journey and each person has inspired my life in many ways I never thought were possible. My boyfriend also is a huge supporter, we do long distance so he can pursue his dream of becoming an eye doctor. Although our passions are different, we are each other's biggest supporters. He is usually the one behind my camera for tons of my blog / Instagram posts 😉 So besides all that, I'm training to run a marathon 🏃🏼‍♀️ & I spend all my free time dedicated to my blog. My blog is my true passion. I'm working hard day by day to turn that passion into a living. Some may think I have too many things on my plate, but I absolutely love it and wouldn't change a thing for the world! ✨ #dazeylady #dazeyla"


Gabrielle McCarthy



"Be your own hype man, always. Nobody supports you better than you.
Some important advice.. Never give up. No matter how tired, how many times you've failed, no matter what anyone else is doing/how successful anyone else is. Even if you're starting off slow & rocky NEVER give up. The journey isn't always easy & that's okay. Just never give up. Work hard and stay humble."

Her Entry: 

"When i first heard of the #dazeyladycontest, i thought "What really could i write about myself?" Well I started my business @thistlesilverdesigns almost a year ago. If i said that silversmithing came naturally i would be a huge liar. I sucked so bad it took me a month to even successfully solder a simple ring - which totally looked terrible. I still have it to this day to remind myself how far i have come. I gotta tell ya, it isn't easy to do things with a 1 and a half year old little girl. Nap times turned into bench sessions. My house became neglected. Laundry and dishes piled high. The little sleep i was getting prior to taking on this craft became even less - late nights and early mornings were reoccurring. Trying to be successful AND being a wife and mother is not easy. I'm still constantly battling with how much i use my phone or spend my free time. I think anyone can agree - it's a battle just checking social media let alone social media as a business platform. I'm still constantly growing and figuring these things out as a business owner. April will be my one year anniversary and i cannot wait to see where i will be in another years time! .
I recently stumbled across @dazey_la and thought "wow.. what an amazing company" - A little side note about Dazey, the owner @danidazey is all about female empowerment, coming together in unity - rather than rivaling against one another. I dig that. I truly believe if everyone (especially women) worked together rather than competing, we would all be a little bit more successful. Don't get me wrong.. every company has to have that something that makes their company stand out and be successful. But spreading constant hate and negativity gets you nowhere real fast. i love everything that this company stands for and i would love to be featured as an artist on their blog. How rad would that be? Check out @dazey_la's website for some awesome apparel that'll remind you to keep the future foxy.. and to love more, already!
In the end I'm just a chick, who supports chicks (and dudes of course) and i happen to make jewelry. We are all just trying to make it out here, ya know!!?!?"


Stephanie Ringleb

        "Face that terrifying blank canvas and create a masterpiece from it."

Her Entry:

"I had a career. I had stability. I wasn't remotely happy. I was working 50+ hour weeks. Then one day, I woke up. I decided that day to quit my job. The next day, I bought the camera I had spent all my time drooling over. From there, I started something for myself. I started small, traveling all around my state capturing whatever inspired me. I grew from there, reaching out to models and aspiring models to collaborate with me. I started to make magic and now I feel an upward energy that I can pursue my passion of photography. I make a living by traveling around the state I love while meeting some of the greatest humans out there. I built my own studio under NIXKS photography and I haven't turned back since. I dropped everything to pursue this and not have any idea the outcome. But now I am an artist, a lady boss, a free and powerful woman."

Peyton Stilling


"Being an Artist in the Music Industry has had its highs and lows, but I can't imagine doing anything else. Music brings me a joy like no other. Music has changed my life and I will continue to use it to give back to children with disabilities in every way possible. It's my responsibility to use and share my gift for the better! To all the girls out there, continue to build each other up and be supportive. Follow those dreams and take those risks. Following your passion will always pay off!"
Her Entry:
"Here's a lil about me: my music journey started almost two years ago, and I know this is just the beginning. if you know anything about me, it's that I strongly believe everyone is capable of accomplishing their dreams. that has been the fire that has kept me achieving my goals in the music industry. music has changed my life in ways I can't even describe. My main goal is to write and perform music that empowers others, and brings people together. Every part of this journey: writing music, to recording, playing a ton of shows, long nights, and rehearsals, has been worth it. I have been working very hard to raise money for various special needs non-profit organizations. I decided to combine my love for music and special needs care together. I have seen first hand how music can change and bring joy to special needs kids. I believe that everyone is given a gift and it's your responsibility to use it for the greater good. Special needs care has always held a special place in my heart and that's how that idea was sparked. I am excited for the future and what's in store. I am proud to be a #dazeylady"

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