Dazey Lady Feature: Caroline & Anne of Light Lab

June 06, 2017

Dazey Lady Feature: Caroline & Anne of Light Lab

Caroline and Anne reached out to me awhile back to do a post on how they each styled a Dazey tee differently! They are working on a little series together called #twogirlsonekit where they explore how two different girls can style things differently to reflect their personal style. I loved their blogs and was stoked for the Dazey tee feature! Upon further inspection (aka Instagram stalking) I found out these were some major bad ass Dazey Ladies!! The list of talents they each have goes on for days. These women are living proof you don't need to choose just one career path or passion to pursue. 

One of the things on their serial entrepreneur list is @lightlab. This airy space with fun pops of pink is a studio & event space they co-founded. I had been seeing pictures of it pop up all over the internet! It is beyond beautiful and I knew I had to feature these two talented ladies in their space. 

Xx -Dani Dazey

You guys have created a truly gorgeous space! Why don’t you describe Light Lab to us and the purpose behind it?

Light Lab is a creative studio that is a space for us to play + use our imaginations, as well as enable others to do the same. 

I understand that you both fully renovated this space yourselves! Please tell us a little about that process.

It was an 8 month process that really took a lot of commitment from us! We gutted the space and slowly built out the bathroom, kitchen, and lounge in stages. We learned a lot in the process!

You have killer taste in interiors! What are some decorating tips you have for other Dazey Ladies?

Anne: My main tip is patience! No space comes together overnight -- or rather, the ones that do look like they did! Let your home evolve over time and it will be a true reflection of you.

Caroline: Don't be afraid to really reflect your personality and the season you're in. Interiors are just another accessory! If you grow out of something and decide you hate it, it can be changed easily. So don't hold back, and have fun!

You both are creatives of many talents! Please tell us all the different things you guys do :)

Anne: I am a lifestyle blogger, stylist, writer, occasional photographer, and sometimes interior designer. 

Caroline: I'm a wedding photographer (@woodnotephotography) , a commercial photographer (@echoandearl), a carpet importer (@cococarpets) and a social justice advocate (@cmonteam). also an Instagrammer / traveler / wife, also light lab. the list goes on. :)

What would you consider your “main gig” out of all these amazing things!?

Anne: Right now my blog is my main gig, but my plan is to transition that to doing mostly writing.

Caroline: Oh jeez. Advocate? I hope everything that I do is centered on human dignity, equality and justice.

What does an average work day look like?

Anne: There isn't an average day! In a given week I might be shooting a cute shop in my neighborhood, meeting prospective renters at Light Lab for a site visit, styling a photo shoot for a client, and running around town taking meetings with colleagues.

Caroline: My days range from being in the jungle in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa (what I'll be doing later this month), to writing emails at a coffee shop in LA (me right now). There is no 'average' :)

Let’s rewind things back a bit! Did you guys attend college? What did you do career wise before becoming creative entrepreneurs?

Anne: I have a degree in English from Stanford University and prior to starting my blog, I worked as a consumer strategist in Manhattan.

Caroline: I went to school for art history and film studies -- and I saw myself doing music! Who knew :)

What are some of the ways you guys have promoted your work to get clients?

Anne: In the early days, blogs were king. Then it was Twitter, and now it's Instagram. Who knows what's next?!

Caroline: Meeting lots and lots of people, being kind, making friends that become business partners / collaborators. (Like my story with Anne!)

Caroline tell us a little bit more about your rug business! How long have you been doing it? Would love to hear all about it!

Coco Carpets is almost three years old, I think? Or maybe almost two? I can't remember.. but it grew out of my love for art history (each rug is one of a kind!) and my love for color and incorporating other cultural traditions into my own life and home. I couldn't stop buying Cocos for my own house, so I just started making them available to others to buy, too.

Anne! It is SO cool that you have a book published! Please give us the scoop on whats inside and how you created it.

Thanks! My book explores the cross section between interiors and personal growth. It showcases the homes of people who designed their spaces to support the direction they wanted their lives to head, and tells the stories of how they did so.

Caroline, as a photographer what is your inspiration and favorite thing shoot to do? 

I love shooting PEOPLE! They're my inspiration. Each human and their unique stories and characteristics.

Anne, I think it is beyond cool that you work a lot with creating food content! What are some tips on taking the perfect foodie photo?

Personally I like a lot of negative space so that the food really pops from the frame! And of course any smudges or crumbs should be intentional, so make sure your plate and utensils are spotlessly clean and then add in a few drops or spills where you want them for an "effortless" look.

What are some of the most notable (or favorite!) clients you each have worked with?!

Anne: I've worked with plenty of big name corporate clients but my favorites are always the small, independent ones. For example, I adore some of the indie fashion designers we got to work with when Caroline and I were doing our fashion series together: Dazey LA of course, and also LACAUSA, The ODells, and Thacker NYC.

Caroline: Oh man. That's a tough one ... I shot a really fun campaign with keds + Create & Cultivate in November that featured 100 influential women... that was my dream gig. Rad brands and really rad gals!

What are your guys future plans for Light Lab and other endeavors?

Anne: When it comes to Light Lab, we'd love to host more workshops and events ourselves! As for other endeavors, I've already mentioned writing more, and I'd love to cover the health and wellness space more than I already do. I'm passionate about fitness and mindfulness practices!

Caroline: We're hosting some workshops this year that I'm really excited about! I love using the space to bring people together in freedom, creativity + community.

What does being a Dazey Lady means to you?

Anne: Being a Dazey Lady means having the courage to use your voice, and the compassion to speak up for others! 

Caroline: It means thinking of the greater good, and loving everyone -- beginning with myself! 



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