Female-Owned Businesses Supporting Wildfire Victims

November 16, 2018 1 Comment

Female-Owned Businesses Supporting Wildfire Victims

The strength of a community during devastating times is a very incredible thing to witness. We see unity in the purest form, as individuals are able to help each other pick up the pieces with open arms and leave politics and prejudice behind. We empathize, humanize, and see one another just as human beings.

In times of great community devastation, compassion always prevails.

This is exactly what we’re seeing here in California as the fires start to die down after a long, rough week. We are here to commend all those who stood up and gave back with love and generosity. YOU are the strength in our sisterhood!

We at Dazey are working to directly give back to an individual or family in two ways: 

  1. Today we are donating 10% of our profits to an individual or family who has been affected by the fires. 
  2. We are opening up our doors, literally Dani's LA apartment, to a family / individuals who lost their home during the fires and have nowhere to stay for the holiday. 
If you know of anyone who would benefit from these Dazey donations, please comment with their information on this Instagram post!

In addition to sharing info with us, you can still give back to recovering communities by using resources posted on this page or shop with brands who have been giving back. We’ve curated a list of amazing female-owned businesses have pledged to donate to fire reliefs, local organizations, and individual GoFundMe accounts. Shop with these ladies to support relief efforts and their wonderful, do-good brand missions.

Soul Shapers

Our gorgeous friend and boss babe, Alden, of Soul Shapers is donating 100% of the proceeds to those affected by the northern CA, Camp Fire and southern CA, Woolsey Fire. The design of this tee was drawn by Alden and inspired by the Sonoma County Fires that destroyed her family/childhood home where her dad was still living, along with 7,000 other homes on October 9th of last year. We are so proud of Alden for spreading awareness and building community during times of great devastation. Soul Shapers has raised over $42,000 so far with this graphic and we encourage you to keep that number climbing! Check out these links to purchase a tee or preorder the sweatshirt. Also, if you don't know Alden, you totally should. Check out her Dazey Lady feature check here!



Founder and CEO of Parachute Home, Ariel Kaye, extended a statement to those affected by the fires offering "to gift bedding and bath essentials offer a bit of comfort to those recovering during this incredibly difficult time." This is an ongoing complimentary gift which victims can reach out for at any time. Reach out to their generous team at relief@parachutehome.com for more information.


This natural beauty brand is gave back 100% of their sales to organizations to support victims of the Woolsey Fire. Unfortunately, the Osea team was directly affected by the fire and lost their home, the place that was also the former Osea HQ and where the idea for this beautiful skincare brand was born. Please support this group in any way you can!

Urb Apothecary

Northern Californian and founder of Urb Apothecary, Leyna Allred, will be donating 15% of sales that are made through the weekend directly to victims who have GoFundMe accounts. She will be popping up at West Coast Craft this weekend as well! By supporting this conscious-minded gal this weekend, you're supporting your community.

Share with us any other resources you have that help relieve the victims and support restoration for the communities who have lost. We are here to extend our hearts and hope we can all uplift each other during this devastating time.


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Erin Hidy
Erin Hidy

November 17, 2018

This is so amazing, all the boss babes that are donating their products and resources for families and individuals affected by the fire. As a dazey ambassador, I couldn’t be more proud to share the love I have for this brand and spread it’s messages I believe in. But there is so much to be done… so I am also offering up my apartment in San Francisco to those in need during the holiday. It is a small one bedroom, but I can fit 3-4 extra bodies from the night of Thanksgiving until Monday. I don’t know how else to make this known, so I thought commenting on this platform could help.

With love,


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