Five Tips for Starting Your Own Art Collection

May 09, 2017

Five Tips for Starting Your Own Art Collection

Message from Dani Dazey:
I met Erin at the Gurl Museum Day event a few weeks back and loved her take on the exhibit, so we invited her back to give our Dazey Ladies some art tips! I'm currently in the middle of a big apartment redo (as many of you have seen on our Instagram Stories) so when Erin pitched the idea of how to start an art collection on a realistic budget we were so in! I'm excited to take my new found artsy knowledge and put it into apartment action, hope you all do too!

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For many people young people they are looking for a way to start an art collection
that goes beyond prints from IKEA. If you want to personalize and start your art
collection it is best to think about how you can start an art collection that you can
grow along with. In art collecting there are many things to consider: artist, style,
medium and date of creation. I think it is most important to not over think it and
allow it to be fun. Historically people have collected art as an asset or to investment
like a car, home or real estate. Most recently the most expensive artwork to sell on
the market was done by Picasso, which sold for a whopping $106.5 million! For the
average person this in not the ultimate goal in art collecting and I would encourage
anyone wanting to start their own collection to consider collecting what they love
and less what is going to be “a return on investment.” I have made a list of five
different things to consider when starting your own art collection, take a look!

Thrift Shop Finds

I always say as long as a painting is signed and original
piece this is a legitimate piece of artwork to add to your collection. It does not
have to be a Picasso or Rembrandt to have significance. I try to find unique
pieces in thrift shops, flea markets and other second hand shops. In those
places you may be surprised to find something that you would never find in a
traditional art gallery and quite affordable. Many times they can be
registered or have certification of authentication, those can be important
documents to have if you look to build a collection. Second hand shops are
the perfect place to find affordable but yet unique artwork that fits your

Find your style

When it comes to fine art there are many different styles and
movements. You may find yourself more drawn to landscapes, still lives or
abstract compositions. Finding what you are most drawn to is important in
starting an art collection. This will personalize your collection and bring
creativity. Take your time to find what is your personal style this will help
you to more clearly filter through the many options.

Fine Art v Décor

In approaching art collecting there is an obvious pull to find
something that will fit in your home aesthetic. It is important to think of the
space that the art you buy where it will be located but keep in mind in
investing in art that you want something that will be there once your interior
decoration sense has changed. I would focus on thinking more about finding
an art piece you love over finding something that will just fit a design need in
a home. Remember good art never goes out of style.

Size is Important

In starting an art collection it is important to think about
your needs and wants. I personally am drawn to large pieces of artwork in
scale. There is something about a large painting on a wall that I have always
been drawn to. THE BIGGER THE BETTER in my opinion. But I know for
many people that this is not the case, they love small and minimal. Having an
idea of size and scale and what you want to invest in is important to keep in
mind. Sometimes that means going for something is bigger or smaller to fit
the space needed.

Invest in Artists

There are many artists right now trying to make a living in
making the craft that they are passionate about. It is rewarding to be able to
invest in someone else’s passion while also getting a killer piece of art work
out of it. Do a bit of research and find artists in your local area and seek out
what fits your style. If you want an affordable approach is a great initiative that creates unique prints
of designs from artists that hold a message of compassion, empathy and
equality. They are all unique pieces of art that you can frame and hang in
your home while also is proud of because of the message they carry.

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