Dazey Lady Girl Gang

June 30, 2017

Dazey Lady Girl Gang

Dazey Ladies Unite!

Last weekend I was invited to do an impromptu photo shoot outside the now insta-famous Museum of Ice Cream! It was seriously so fun just having a laid back, unplanned afternoon with such a sweet group of ladies! Here at Dazey we are always aiming to be a brand that is inclusive to all women, regardless of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation etc. and this spontaneous shoot is a great representation of our mission! I'm usually the one to coordinate shoots, so this off the cuff mini session was a breathe of fresh air and something different from the norm. Plus, who doesn't love a bubble gum pink backdrop!?

I definitely want to start doing group shoots more often, the energy just really comes through in the photos. There's something so special about getting people together to create art! And how amazing does dazey look on all of them!? They are simply stunning. 

Special thanks to Julia Offenberger for putting this together. Scroll down to see the whole girl gang in action!




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