Gurl Museum Day

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Gurl Museum Day

A few weeks back I was Honored to be the Special Guest at Gurl Museum day! They are an organization that promotes art, community, and feminism. Basically everything Dazey is based on, so of course I had to join in! They get groups of like minded girls together once a month to go to art exhibits and have awesome conversation around what they see.

We went to the controversial Jason Rhoades exhibit at Hauser & Wirth in the Arts District. You have likely seen photos of it all over Instagram, but not a lot of people know what it's all about. The instillations were made in the 90s and are a bit brash to say the least. Something that wound't really fly these days. But what was so cool about going with a group of girls was being able to discuss what we thought of it, it's impact on society, and how much the times have changed. I had an amazing time and met so many inspiring ladies!

Below you can meet the girls behind GMD! Erin who writes for to their website magazine also did a little piece on her thoughts on the exhibit. I think she really hit the nail on the head with how we all felt. She has her masters in Modern Art History, Theory, & Criticism, so she knows whats up!

Xx- Dani Dazey

@danidazey & Gurl Museum day founder @diannelindquist

Dani Dazey & the girl gang in attendance


GURL Museum Day (GMD) was established on 2016, when Diane Lindquist invited her girl’s along with her for a day at the museum. Something ignited. Her fellow gurls saw the museums in a new light and found them a space they could be themselves in, while bonding over art. Soon she found herself leading a group of creative gurls through a list of eclectic museums and galleries around Los Angeles. In 2017, she started the digital magazine dedicated to sharing the stories of gurl artists, as well as expanding tours to New York in the spring. There is a great gender disparity in the arts GMD aims to propel forward by making a platform that supports girl artist's journeys, stories, and talents, while sharing and inspiring gurls who love art, museums and galleries with our tours and community.

Meet Diane 

Boss babe Dianne and her spiffy design skills in action! 


GURL Museum Day is founded by award-winning visual multidisciplinary designer, Diane Lindquist. Diane has always loved art. When she was a teenager she would spend her spare time at museums or finding new galleries and exhibitions to tour. Since then, she has collected a wide array of museums to check off her bucket list. This love brought her to a deep involvement in the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk in 2008. Early on, she exhibited her digital art in galleries and art events, which was featured in Los Angeles Times in 2009. She has helped design exhibitions at Annenberg Space of Photography for multiple shows.

Find Diane at and on Instagram @dianelindquist 



Getting prepped to enter the exhibit with out docent


Meet Erin

Hi! I am Erin Remington creator of @afinereye an art blog that seeks to share my favorite galleries, museums, installations and creative places around. I am a content provider for @GURLMuseumDay’s online magazine by writing various articles about female artists, topics in art, and interviews with current female artists.

Find Erin at and on Instagram @afinereye

What Erin had to say about the exhibit:

“My work is based in the idea of a tool for perception or a vehicle for thinking.”

-Jason Rhoades

1 room of the 3 piece installation called "Pussy Trilogy" 


Bad boy of the 90’s modern art movement Jason Rhoades’ installations fill the inside of Downtown LA’s Hauser & Wirth gallery. The gurls banded together as part of @GURLMuseumDay in taking a tour of Rhoades’ installations. Rhoades’ installations were site-specific installations made for gallery spaces in the 90’s years later his installations have returned back to LA for this rare large exhibition of his works.

Dani wearing our "feminism is for everybody" tee in contrast to the artwork


Who knew there were so many nicknames for Vagina...


His installations are proven to be controversial for his obvious neglect of political correctness and overtly vulgar use of images and text that are easily offensive to male and female alike. His most popular installation at the gallery space is the “Pussy” series which consists of neon lights suspended from the ceiling with over 200 various slang terms for female genitalia.

Surrounded by signs


The newly welcomed gallery to the arts district, which opened its doors early in 2016, is drawing many visitors to the popular modern art installation. Upon watching other art observers some are lost in the light of the signs and snapping pictures under the umbrella of neon lights without fully realizing the message behind the words. The bright colorful lights make it easy to get caught up in the “cool vibes” of the space but a closer attention to the work brings a heaviness looming over the space.

The gurls walking through the second piece reading the signs. The floor was covered with various phallic items and a mysterious white liquid, lovely.


The gurls were inspired through the tour in engaging in conversations around such sensitive topics such as gender, race, and sexuality. Rhoades said, “If you know my work, you know that it is never finished” for the gurls nothing felt more true as his works provoke a greater sense of awareness of the work not yet finished for gender equality.

Our reaction to some of the art in question haha...


Dani in the 3rd piece of the trilogy, this room had more of a Moroccan flair. Dani successfully hit one of the low hanging signs with her hat...opps....


The amazing GURLS!

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