How To: Up-Style Tees & Digis!

January 11, 2019

How To: Up-Style Tees & Digis!

Two questions I get ALL the time are: How do you edit your IG photos?! and How should I style my Dazey tee?! As you may know, I am all about funk, flare, and adding bold personality to pretty much every element of my life, ha! I love to keep things fun and somewhat unexpected. Translating that into my wardrobe has been a routine that keeps me inspired and excited to get my day started. Dressing for myself (and no one else) has been SO POWERFUL because when I dress bold, I feel bold. Are you with me?!  Here are three style hacks to help you find your flare and up-style your Dazey tee from an everyday t-shirt and jeans look to a one that will make you feel your very best.

1. White Denim + Statement Outerwear

Don't get me wrong, I love wearing a t-shirt and jeans! What I don't like is that it can feel too repetitive or too blah. When I want to go for a dressed up but casual jeans and tee look, white denim always saves the day! It's an easy hack that elevates any tee and feels more intentional that just your everyday denim. Pair that with a statement outwear piece and you've got yourself a look that is far more fun! **TIP** Playing with colors and textures with classic cuts and pieces is an easy way to start building new fun staples to your wardrobe!

 2. Layer Your Look

Layering turtlenecks under Dazey tees has been a go-to style for me all winter long! It's a great way to add pattern and color that doesn't take away from the graphic tee. For layering turtlenecks, I like coordinating colors with the same base color as the tee or graphic so it's not too distracting. BUT I do like to have fun with the patterns! Stripes, shimmer, you name it, I'm here for it in the turtleneck version!

3. Mix and Match Textures 

Textures are key to going the extra mile in embellishing your looks. Working in a range of textural elements into an outfit automatically elevates its interest and adds tons of depth. Taking the time to play with your fabrics is really what can transform your personal style and allow you to dress up or down any look. Have fun in this one and let your personality flare!

 Elevate Your Digital Style with Dazey Dreamsets!

Now that you're stepping up your style why not level up your editing?! For us, a well-edited photo is just as important as getting the photo! It enhances the vibe and really allows details to shine through. These days we are all about keeping our digital style DREAMY and vintage inspired with a subtle moody edge. Since the new collection is shifting to more muted tones, we're having fun switching up the mood of our feed too. 

Streamline your edits and strengthen your digital style with Dazey Dreamsets now! You can download these babies on our site and start editing on Lightroom instantly! Check out the before & afters below to see how much a good edit can transform your photos and feed. **TIP** Using Dazey presets will help you get reposts from us and also gives ambassadors a higher chance of winning top secret contests! Don't forget to tag #dazeypresets and @dazey_la so we can see your posts!

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