Ivy, Model & Owner at Drinkbar Juicery

March 27, 2017

Ivy, Model & Owner at Drinkbar Juicery

When Ivy reached out to Dazey for a photoshoot, we were so stoked to get some dreamy pics with this super babe! Upon meeting Ivy, we realized not only is she a rad model, but also an accomplished business woman with her own drinkbar juicery! You know how much we love Dazey Ladies going out there and making shit happen so we asked Ivy to tell us how her business got started!

Find Ivy:

I am originally from Illinois and moved out to California with my childhood sweetheart of a husband. I was modeling in Illinois for a short time and continued to model once moving to California from time to time. After years of experiencing my own struggle with an autoimmune disease, my husband and I started our business drinkbar juicery. I discovered several years prior to our business juicing was my saving grace and my husband wanted me to have a way to share that experience with others who were also hurting. 

We opened our first store in 2012, our second in 2014 and are flourishing online in the Orange County area. We had no background in business but a passion for juice. We deliver cleanses and specific meal plans to many customers struggling with their wellness between 4-7am. I can't even begin to explain the way juice makes me feel, and I can't tell how you much I love just doing life with our customers. It has been such an incredible journey. Modeling has been a great gateway to meeting people and an awesome way to make money so our business can continue to grow!

1) What inspires you and get’s you excited!?

Health and feeling vibrant. The idea that there is so many people out there not feeling incredible and I can show them how. That gets me excited.

2) Where would you want to be five years from now personally and professionally?

 In 5 years from now I want to have my own ranch and potentially 2 babies. I want to live off the land, with as many fruit trees as I can fit into one small space. I want to have several recipes books on the market and show so many more people how much better they can feel. 

3) What does being a Dazey Lady (my term for self employed babes kicking ass) mean to you?

It means authenticity, It means WHOLE. Most self employed women make sacrifices to birth things that are deep inside them. They sacrifice "things" to create something that is not yet tangible. They don't buy purses and expensive hair care but they invest in ideas deep inside them and make them reality. A dazey lady pulls on that inner strength to create a path not yet paved, and is glamours while doing it. 

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