Landlord FINALLY let me shoot on my rooftop!!!

November 02, 2016

Landlord FINALLY let me shoot on my rooftop!!!


HA the title kinda says it all. For the past 4 years I've lived directly under the best shoot location and haven't been able to use it! Torturous I know. I've seen others attempt, but a huge alarm sounds and a dramatic scene unfolds with a very angry landlord. They had been working on the elevator the past few weeks and accessing the roof, so I assumed the alarm was off and it was open. We attempt to sneak up and then the alarm sounds, nooooo!!! We ran and hid, I know hahah. My landlord runs to the scene looking for the perp and seemed confused, I felt bad and walked out and told him it was us. Then I plead with him to shoot there LOL. It probably had to do with the two adorable models fully dressed but he actually said YES! I've asked many many times before so this was basically a christmas miracle. Anyways sorry for the rant! Without further adieu here the photos are!


@madmavenstyle & @chantellepaige 



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