Log off, Unwind, and Cultivate Community in Your Free Time

August 10, 2018

Log off, Unwind, and Cultivate Community in Your Free Time

Dazey ladies, listen up! We are so excited to finally start hosting events, meet ups, and contests that involve YOU. As you may know, Dazey is all about creating conversations on topics of importance such as environmentalism, feminism, unity, and self care. While it can be fun to engage in these topics online, the real progress starts when you put in work in real life . We’re trying our best to encourage you ladies to log off, unwind, and cultivate a Dazey community in your free time. So far the Dazey community has shown nothing but LOVE & FUN. We are stoked to hit the ground running with these events and meet ups. Let me show you a little bit of what it's like: 

Beach days, Photoshoots, and Sharing truths
The first meet up was hosted at Baker’s Beach, a local’s beach in beautiful San Fransisco. There was a crisp breeze and the skies were covered in a mellow gloom, but Dazey ladies @carolinemoira and @anamariecampos_  brought great warmth and full hearts that morning. We walked along the shore, through old military territories, took photographs along the way, and stopped for some self care conversations.  

Pop-Ups, Neighborhood Walks, and Supporting Local Babes
The week after, we had our second meet up and pop-up at The Canyon with fellow boss babe and vintage queen Cynthia. Talented babe Michele Chung brought THE BEST cookies, Dani made a fun Instagram backdrop, and the neighborhood was full of local gems and photo spots. We talked empowerment and action for hours, Dani styled Dazey babes, and the floor was open for conversation and community all day. 


Real Talk, Real Thoughts
At each meet up, we hit Dazey phrases through conversation cards. To us, #dazeydialogue is about connecting with your community IRL and truly creating conversations on topics that give you passion and make you vulnerable. At the end of the day, we're all human experiencing such similar emotions. If we share, we're that much closer to understanding ourselves and learning how to help, grow, and educate our community. Check out how some Dazey ladies dig deep and relate to Dazey phrases.

Show Up, Make Change, Have Fun
Stay tuned for events, meet ups, and other fun IRL happenings to come with the Dazey team! Share how you resonate with Dazey phrases through this graphic and join the conversation. We are SO GRATEFUL to see such strong women come together through this community. Scroll through for more photos of the meet ups!

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