Suit Up for Summer - New Swimwear and Dazey Lady Shop Goods

May 17, 2018

Suit Up for Summer - New Swimwear and Dazey Lady Shop Goods

Dazey LA x Swim Like a Mermaid 2018 suit collab 

Another summer, another suit! Well technically six mix and match styles :) We loved collabing with female owned swimwear brand Swim Like a Mermaid last summer and decided to bring back the fun. Her amazing fabrics and cuts mixed with our hand drawn prints are a match made in heaven. I love getting into textile design any chance I get and try to design the prints to match our tees. This print is actually made with the same florals as the Brave Babe tee so if you have that one they will pair like a dream! We did a contest to name the pattern on Insta a few days back and the winner is the Frida Flora! This really spoke to me for multiple reasons.

Frida Kahlo is not only an amazing female artist who I admire, but my grandmother, who recently passed away, was hugely inspired by her. My grandmother was an amazing artist and playwright. She could replicate any painting style and wrote award winning plays about famous artists lives and would create art to match. From Van Gough to Georgia O’Keffe to Monet just to name a few. The last play she was working on and unfortunately didn’t complete was on Frida. When we got to look through her studio I found a gorgeous Frida painting she made and plan to hang it in our desert house. As many of you know, Frida Kahlo was know for portraits depicting her with bright colorful flowers in her hair. This name couldn’t be a better fit for this suit!
We got the swimwear right as Phillip and I were heading out to Palm Springs, so we figured it would be a good place to shoot them! I feel slightly awkward about being the company founder/swimsuit model but hey, gotta do what you gotta do in small biz right!? LOL. The photoshoot locations in Palm Springs are endless. Vintage exteriors and interiors galore! I had heard about this amazing restaurant Azúcar and decided to check out it for brunch. I wore one of our new suits along with some pants we were adding to the site. The location was so gorgeous we decided to snap some photos on the spot! Then we decided to come back the next day and shoot at the boutique hotel it was inside of, La Serena Villas. It has the most moroccan, tropical feel and was complete with a whole Frida wall, what are the chances!? They also have a sister hotel next door with an amazing funky 70s facade so we took advantage if that too.
Alongside the swimwear we are excited to release some new items in the Dazey Lady Shop from KS GarnerBohindie Stream, and The Little Avocado!
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