In With the "Noo" - Dazey Lady Shop

January 30, 2018

In With the "Noo" - Dazey Lady Shop

What's New in the Dazey Lady Shop

Always excited to discover and add new goods to the Dazey Lady Shop, a section of our site dedicated to selling goods by other female entrepreneurs. This time around I am beyond stoked to add one of my personal favorite brands, Nooworks! I had been admiring their quirky and unique overalls from afar for quite some time now. Originally started in San Francisco, they recently opened up an LA location and I drive by it on my way to work everyday. One day I decided to dig a little further and find their origin story. The mission behind their brand is to team up with amazing artists and do unique and colorful prints for each collection. They use a super unique printing process very similar to screen printing to create their gorgeous textile fabric. After searching their site I had trouble finding anything about the actual owners, so I sent over an email! To my delight they are an awesome female owned brand and were down to meet up and see how we can work together. I stopped by their Echo Park store and met 1/2 of the team, Nicole, and we chatted for well over an hour. She's SO COOL and SO NICE. AKA the best kind of person! We discussed all sorts of ways to cross promote our brands starting with the Dazey Lady Shop and hopefully a design collaboration is on the horizon!

Last week we did a pre-sale of one of the pieces and it actually SOLD OUT within a few hours! I had to go back to the Nooworks store and pick out some new pieces. At the same time Nicole was shooting with a beautiful model, Reece. She immediately recognized me from the Dazey Insta and we got to chatting. Then the very next day I shoot this lookbook with her haha, funny how things work sometimes. All that being said don't wait to snag these pieces, they go FAST!

We also have a few new pieces below from a rad female-owned Canadian brand, Sololu. They focus on masking ethical fashion with seasonless styles. The owner, Rosanne, sent me an email talking about their mission along with a pretty little catalog. A perfect fit for the Dazey Lady Shop sent right to my inbox! I'm always looking for great bottoms to pair with my Dazey tees and her paisley wide lleg pants and pink slit skirt were too cute to pass up! 

Shop the new new HERE!

Model: @reeceforddesign

Photographer: @danidazey


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