Around the Arts District

February 21, 2017

Around the Arts District

When I first moved to LA just 4 years ago the arts district was vastly different. It is growing like crazy as new condos, shops, and restaurants are popping up left and right. There's even some petitions out to change the name since artists can't afford to live there anymore! Gentrification is always bitter sweet. Sadly original occupants are forced out, but the neighborhoods do become more safe and quite lively. What I like about the arts district is all the old industrial architecture and old walls mixed with greenery. Since the arts dist is much less busy than downtown proper it makes it a photographers paradise. Plus the cool cars and motorcycles scattered around made great props HA!

I hope you enjoy the photos below captured with my favorite Lady Quigley! We always trade each other Dazey photos for shooting her other blog looks :)



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