Beachwood Babes

November 16, 2017

Beachwood Babes

Beachwood Canyon Babes

Yesterday was a super wild day! I had planned to shoot with Quigley, and she had a blogger friend, Maria, who was in town from NYC so we decided to do a fun little duo shoot in the Beachwood Canyon area. Well, soon after getting to the super cute Beachwood Cafe I realized I had left my memory card at home, woops! By the time I got the card we had about 45 minutes left to shoot because all three of us had meetings! We had about 10 mins to shoot each look.

Luckily these girls totally killed it and we had so many rad shots from the super short shoot that it was hard to even narrow it down to the ones you'll see below. We started out at the cafe and then literally ran up the hill to get some awesome snaps in front of the infamous Hollywood Sign. The hustle was worth it and I'm so stoked with how this shoot turned out. 






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