Dazey Digital: Strength In Sisterhood

November 09, 2018

Dazey Digital: Strength In Sisterhood

We are still buzzing and celebrating the women who SHOWED UP this midterm election to vote and FLIP the house. We did it! It's a small victory in the grand scheme of things, but a HUGE victory when looking at the progress of women's equality we must celebrate nonetheless. Because of you, we now have over 100 women representing our communities in Congress. These women are fueled by passion and ready to bond together to create change at federal levels. This is what strength in sisterhood looks like in action.

To share our love for this sisterhood, we've created FREE Dazey digital downloads using graphics from our Strength in Sisterhood collection. Use these Dazey sayings and graphics as a reminder of the power we have as a sisterhood and of course to dress up your desktop or mobile devices! Click through the links to download graphics straight to your phone or computer or drag and drop the desktop images! 



Strength in Sisterhood Desktop

Strength in Sisterhood Mobile

Wonderfully Womanly Desktop
Wonderfully Womanly Mobile

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