Babes Against Bigots Denim Jacket


Top quality denim jacket drawn and handmade in Los Angeles. Our new small batch made in USA processes are quite costly, but I didn't want to pass that on to my customers. I am a stickler for quality at a good price and want to make sure you guys get the best deal possible, so I have made our prices significantly lower than industry standard mark ups. 

This design is apart of our 2017 March On collection, inspired by the revolutionary Women's March on Washington! Our friends at The Laundry Room (@TLRoom) helped us to create these limited edition denim jackets! This is the time when all us babes need to take a stand against bigotry and promote tolerance and positivity! 

-Made in USA

-100% cotton

-Hand drawn graphic

-Super soft fabric

-Loose, oversized fit

- Available in S/M/L size

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