Merida Drop Necklace

Our Merida drop necklace is part of an exclusive collection by Lissa Bowie for TAMGA Designs. Handmade in Taxco, Mexico from locally sourced metals, shells and natural stones, Lissa Bowie brings TAMGA's free-spirited style into an eye-catching modern jewelry collection.

  • TAMGA x Lissa Bowie
  • 5" chain drop from shell
  • Tumbaga {Copper & Brass} and Abalone shell
  • Ethically made in Mexico

    Size: One size


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    Meet the Dazey Lady: Yana

    Yana brought TAMGA Designs to life while working in Bangladesh for a local NGO. Living in the hot, crowded city of Dhaka, fashion manufacturing was impossible to ignore. Over a two-year period, Yana started working with local tailors to make her own clothes, and learned first-hand about the impact that the fashion industry has on people and the planet. This experience led Yana to start TAMGA Designs with her fiancee, Eric, to prove that great fashion did not have to exploit workers or pollute the environment. Their journey took them to Indonesia, where they travelled the country partnering with artisans, factories and fabric mills that share their passion for a more sustainable fashion industry. Today, TAMGA Designs creates luxurious, bright and ethically-made clothing using the world’s most progressive eco-friendly fabrics and dyes. Through TAMGA, Yanas mission is to create better fashion for a brighter future.

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