Cuterus Poster

Decorate in Dazey! We love making things look pretty, whether it's on your body or on your walls. All your favorite t-shirt designs are now available as signed art prints. Hand drawn designs made with love.

This design is apart of our 2017 Summer of Self Love collection. This collection was designed to promote body positivity and inspire women to know their worth! Show off your feminist pride with our floral uterus poster!

Made to order & shipped separately from shirts in poster tube. Printed on 80lb thick cardstock paper. Hand signed by designer Dani Dazey. Each poster varies slightly due to the printing process & may have small imperfections, making them more unique!

Size 11" x 17"

Meet the Owner & Designer: Dani

Read her ABOUT page HERE
Dazey LA was started in 2016 by young designer & photographer Dani Nagel. She spent 6 years full-time designing t-shirts for large companies including Urban Outfitters, Macy's and Anthropologie just to name a few. Dani created Dazey to finally have creative freedom and design shirts that stood for something. She draws each tee by hand and takes all the photos you see on the website and Instagram! Dazey's mission is to spread female empowerment and promote positivity.
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