Midnight Magic turban - I'm With The Band Headbands collab

Dazey is all about the lady boss love! We say no to competition yes to collaboration. This collab is with one of my favorite girl bosses Kailee of I'm With The Band Headbands. Be sure to check out our full Zine article & photoshoot.

Melt into the night with this star covered crown. A perfect accompaniment to the Dazey L.A. magic pants. This headband is made out of a crushed black stretch velvet and screen printed with a design crafted specially by Dani + Kailee, wrapped to perfection and ready to adorn you.  They are made ethically in LA to last. We designed them to have the perfect fit, they feel secure but have stretch and not give you a headache.

-Hand drawn Dazey design

-Girl boss collab powers

-Made in LA with love

-Gold metallic velvet

-Screen printed artwork

-Standard bandanna size

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