Hard No Turtleneck Dress

Top quality clothing hand-drawn and handmade in Los Angeles in small batches. At Dazey we embrace slow fashion methods to bring our customers high quality, eco-friendly clothing. We are making a conscious effort to eliminate waste by making all of our tees to order rather than in larger quantities that create unneeded product. Every purchase at Dazey is in support of small, female owned business made with the environment in mind, so you can feel good about where your hard-earned dollars go!

This graphic is apart of the 2018 Self Care Summer Collection. So often we are told that success will bring you happiness and this collection challenges that. With social media that pressure has only become greater. We scroll through our feeds and see people that appear to be wildly successful, traveling the world, and having the perfect family. We all know deep down that this is highlight reel and not the REAL, but at the same time it can be so easy to get lost daydreaming about that greener grass. These designs serve as little reminders that success is not what brings happiness. Enjoy where you are and consciously go a little easier on yourself, choosing to be grateful about every little thing you do have. We are taking a hard no stance on anything that doesn't serve up positivity! 

We were so in love with our baby rib turtleneck this past winter collection that we had to make a similar iteration for summer! We give you the gorgeous turtleneck dress! A soft yet thick fabric made the perfect length to wear about town comfortably while looking amazing. Made in USA. 100% cotton. Hand distressed edges. Hand drawn graphic. Super soft fabric.

Size Chart:

-S/M - Shoulder to bottom length: 33” - Chest: 16” 
-M/L - Shoulder to bottom length 34” - Chest: 17 ½”

Meet the owner & Designer: Dani

Read her ABOUT page HERE
Dazey LA was started in 2016 by young designer & photographer Dani Nagel. She spent 6 years full-time designing t-shirts for large companies including Urban Outfitters, Macy's and Anthropologie just to name a few. Dani created Dazey to finally have creative freedom and design shirts that stood for something. She draws each tee by hand and takes all the photos you see on the website and Instagram! Dazey's mission is to spread female empowerment and promote positivity.
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