We Are One Satin Scrunchie

Dazey LA

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We Are One Satin Scrunchie
We Are One Satin Scrunchie


Seek Sunshine is a celebration of color and light, even during the dark and seemingly desaturated times. Dazey is all about shining bright and being bold in a world that likes to blend in with shades of beige. Play up your personality with playful motifs, abstract shapes, and colors as always. Everything in this collection is a conversation piece, because you’re worth talking about! And florals for fall? Actually groundbreaking. The perfect fits designed to fit your maximal lifestyle.


 Size Chart: One Size 

Meet the owner & designer: Dani

Read her ABOUT page HERE

Dazey LA was started in 2016 by young designer & photographer Dani Nagel. She spent 6 years full-time designing t-shirts for large companies including Urban Outfitters, Macy's and Anthropologie just to name a few. Dani created Dazey to finally have creative freedom and design shirts that stood for something. She draws each tee by hand and takes all the photos you see on the website and Instagram! Dazey's mission is to spread female empowerment and promote positivity.

Follow us on Instagram: @Dazey_la
We Are One Satin Scrunchie
We Are One Satin Scrunchie

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