Quigley in the Canyon

July 14, 2017

Quigley in the Canyon

Hills and Canyons of California

Recognize this gal!? Quigley is one of my best friends and a full time blogger, so we shoot together often :) I will shoot Quigley's blog looks for her, and then Dazey for me. It's so nice working in trades! I have been dying to get the new summer goodies on her. We are both so busy working often times the easiest way to spend time together is shooting! Luckily we both love what we do so it never feels like work.

For this shoot we headed to my favorite area, Beachwood Canyon. It's full of views, flowers, and foliage. Also my apartment happens to be right down the street! Doesn't get much better than that. I shoot in these hills and canyons often but always manage to find new undiscovered areas that are mind blowingly beautiful. I'm so obsessed with the California landscape. Vintage buildings nestled between palm tress and bougainvillea, you can't find that in places like New York. Creep the photos below to see our little adventure & hangout sesh!





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