Speak Up Speak Out Collection

February 20, 2018 1 Comment

Speak Up Speak Out Collection


As you know each of our collections center around a theme having to do with female empowerment. This specific one is powerful and couldn’t be more relevant. The Speak Up Speak Out collection was designed to give women a voice in a society that often tries to silence them. Whether it’s empowering women to speak up for themselves or to speak out against sexual violence. Time’s up, it’s our turn to talk! 


Every woman has experienced a situation where they were expected to act or speak a certain way because of their gender. We are told to be quiet and keep our thoughts to ourselves. Smile often and always look pretty. Wear this, don’t wear that. Be thin, but have curves in the right places. Find a husband and have kids, but not too early or too late. Be successful, but not too successful. We are done being told how to act and what to say. We won’t be held back any longer. Women are brave. Women are bold. Women are brilliant. We have a valid voice, real opinions, and are ready to change the world. 


For too long women have been labeled 'the weaker sex' and been taken advantage of. The statistics of sexual assault in the US are staggering. Right now there is a movement to shed light on the truth with incredible campaigns like #metoo and #timesup. This collection was partly inspired by giving power back to the victims of assault. We are celebrating the silence breakers. The courageous women coming forward to end the abuse. We stand by them and want to amplify their voices!


As we were looking for a location for our big lookbook shoot we got an interesting email. One of my best friends Alden and I got invited to Modernism Week in Palm Springs. I’m a huge fan of this era, in both interiors and a graphic design perspective. Alden also happens to be an amazing full time model who I love to shoot for Dazey. I reached back out to Modernism Week to see if they would let us shoot in one of their epic locations. I was ecstatic when they said we could some the day before the event and create some content! The house that the party was to be held at was recently renovated and no photos were to be found until the big reveal the day of. So we really went into this with no idea of what to expect, a sort of guerrilla lookbook shoot! I was both exited and anxious. When we got to the location there appeared to be quite a bit going on with final touches on the renovation and we got a tad nervous. As you know Dazey is a very bright, colorful, and funky brand. While the Hidden Frey was no doubt gorgeous, it was quite clean and white looking and less quirky. We did a few looks there and began talking to Jackie and DeeAnne, the owners. They also happened to own another amazing property they were showing for modernism week! The called it The Moroccan and with a name like that we knew it has to be amazing. They were so kind to let us finish the shoot over there! We initially were going to shoot in the front and backyard area but when we walked into the house our jaws dropped. It was a funky bright little piece of mid-century modern paradise! With a little convincing (and sort of just going ahead and doing it haha) we got to shoot inside this mind blowing property. Jackie and DeeAnee are wives and the owners of Thomboy Properties, one of the best modern renovation companies in Palm Springs and these ladies KILL THE GAME in an industry not often ran by females! Everything about their story is unique, unexpected, and fabulous. So excited to have partnered with rad Dazey Ladies as always on this shoot!

 We took a chance and ended up with a shoot just as fun, colorful, and California as Dazey. We like to shine a light on serious subject matters, but also add that dose of positivity and lightness. I have been handing the camera over to Phillip a little more lately and stepping into a role as the face of the brand. This is the first lookbook shoot I’ve ever modeled in and to be honest it feels a little funny. Especially alongside an amazing successful model like Alden. I also just want to say I know were two blonde white girls and that doesn’t work towards my goal of showing more representation as a brand. I didn’t want to roll into these special locations with a large crew and Alden and I were both invited to come and shoot. We will certainly work had to get some more diverse shoots in the new stuff with all types of wonderful women! Despite all that I’m so happy with how everything turned out and SO EXCITED to finally share the SPEAK UP SPEAK OUT collection! Hope you enjoy :)









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Michelle Wintersteen

February 21, 2018

You killed it!!! Way to go girl! ??

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