Vintage Hollywoodland

May 29, 2017 1 Comment

Vintage Hollywoodland


I have been getting so caught up in featuring killer Dazey Ladies that I almost forgot to do my normal photoshoots! With the features it's all about capturing a girl boss in her environment, giving you an idea of a day in their life. For my regular photoshoots I try to do the exact opposite! I want to create that fairytale feeling. I remember being younger and just getting lost in magazines and photoshoots, imagining being in these worlds they create. It can be such a fun form of escapism. These shoots are my time to get creative as a photographer and see what kind of magic I can create! 

This gorgeous gal is Kaity Tainer, a Washington native new to LA. We ventured up to one of my favorite shoot spots near Hollywood Lake, a neighborhood dubbed "Hollywoodland". For this shoot I wanted to create the feeling of living in the Hollywood Hills in the 70's. Hippy meets vintage glamour. We recently started carrying some amazing hand made pieces from Miracle Eye that go perfectly with the tees and this whole vibe. We even snuck into a cool bohemian yard to help create the story of that leisurely California lifestyle ;) 

So stoked to say you can shop these ENTIRE looks HERE!

Xx- Dani Dazey



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Vanessa Aristide
Vanessa Aristide

May 29, 2017

Beautiful work Dani! xo

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