Boutique Round Up: Where to get Dazey IRL!

Written By Afterpay Integration - June 29 2018


July 27 2020

Whether it is a friend’s new profile picture, or a picture too ridiculous, too funny, or too adorable to leave without acknowledgement, here’s your guide on figuring out how to leave your mark.
This almost always solicits a response along the lines of “so cute! I <3 you!” or “that was such a fun night!” — essentially anything that makes it clear that you and your BFFL had ridiculous amounts of fun that night, and everyone else should be “mad jeals.”

Kia Doris
August 13 2018


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Sarah Wilbur
July 02 2018

Love this blog! I had questions about in-store Dazey and all of them were answered through this post! Thanks!

June 29 2018

Are you planning on spreading out to New England in the near future? I love trying on clothes and I would love to see your product in person!

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